My mother met Jelena Jankovic story


First of all, I want to apologize for not posting for a few days. I was very tired because of a busy night life – there is a huge music festival going on in my hometown of Novi Sad, Serbia. Tonight I’m also going to the festival, but I’ve managed to have enough sleep today, thank God.

Here’s a story waiting to be published for quite some time. It may sound pathetic, but what can I do. I’m a huge tennis fan, and my mom gets the chance to meet a top tennis player.

Jelena Jankovic and my mother

Here’s what happened: My mother was at the Belgrade airport the morning after the three Serbian players (Ivanovic, Jankovic, and Djokovic) had been welcomed by thousands of people in front of the parliament in Belgrade due to their huge success at Roland Garros (remember that?). After a really short time spent at her birth city of Belgrade, Jelena Jankovic flew to Birmingham to play DFS Classic (which she happened to win, defeating Maria Sharapova in the final!).

My mom immediately recognized Jankovic and approached her. They chatted a little, and my mother congratulated her the fantastic results. Jelena was very kind, and right away accepted to take a photo with my mom (the woman wearing glasses) and her colleague. It was nice of Jelena to have been so friendly, because she can’t even imagine how her small gesture can brighten someone’s day, maybe even a week.

To conclude, I’m glad for my mother, but, why wasn’t I there?


  1. Hello, Marija!

    I’m sorry you had to wake up so early in the last two days because of me and please forgive me, if you were to tired to write your blog because of “all-day-blejanje” all over the city 😉

    However, I thing it was worthy! ‘Cause, I have to agree with your final thought in this post.

    It is really beautiful if people, particularly friends, are friendly and nice to each other. And that is why you as well probably can’t imagine how small gesture of you and your parents has brightened two days I spent in Novi Sad.

    I’ve just arrived to Ljubljana. Yesterday’s concert in Belgrade was one of the craziest things I have ever experienced. They were amazing! Again!!! Full of energy.

    Mick was dancing and running from one part of the stage to another just like a 30-year old boy. Charly played drums like a teenager (can you imagine that? He’s 66 years old), and Ronny and Keith had such a theater while they were playing guitars, I almost die of laugh. They were so hilarious I can’t even explain!!! I saw al members of the bend from ten meter distance as they wer passing over the crowd on the special “moveable” stage. I thing, that Keith winked to me 😉

    The concert was incredible also because they played a few songs, which they play very rarely in concert. For instance, Midnight Rambler, Tumbling Dice, Paint it Black …

    I met a girl from the States, who has seen the Rolling Stones live in concert for 181 times. Unbeliveable!!! That’s in short everything.

    I hope you enjoy the last day on Exit. Thank you for everything!! Keep in touch.

    Best regards to you, your familly and Dule the Majstore!


  2. That’s a nice photo! I met Jelena in April at an early practice on Daniel Island. We were practically the only ones there, except Li Na dropped by to hit with her. JJ was a delight. She was actually feeling a little tight around then, but then she went on to win the tournament. We really enjoyed meeting her.


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