Justine Henin poses for Le Soir in Armani – you won’t recognize her!


What a makeover! Justine has never been my favorite considering the looks, but she definitely found the right track, i.e. the makeup artist and stylist found it for her. Here are the photos of her posing for next week’s issue of Le Soir.
Justine Henin Le Soir coverJustine Henin Le Soir

Justine Henin Le SoirJustine Henin Le SoirJustine Henin Le Soir

I hope she’ll continue to look this good. (via Craig Hickman’s Tennis Blog)


  1. Yeah, I told you you won’t recognize her! I couldn’t believe my eyes either — actually if there was no heading I wouldn’t have paid attention, because I would have had no idea it’s her.

  2. This is Henin’s second fashion shoot. The first one was for Elle, and she did it with Hardenne. To me, they are both dreadful, but at least the Elle shoot didn’t make her look like Celine Dion.

  3. I am a huge fan of Justine…the Elle shoot was great…but this one is hot! She looks so different…she’s usually pretty plain and laid back…THIS IS GREAT!

  4. now, ive seen it marija!!!!!

    justine on extensions? oh common? she’s model-like her, yet not on sharapova or ana’s lvel yet……….

    but i like her classic look in belgium, she’s just regal and elegant, the little black dress was so good!!!!!!!

    i miss justine now!

  5. Well, she’ll never be on Sharapova’s or Ana’s level, she shouldn’t even try to compete. But these photos look good.

  6. In my opinion,Justine Henin is the best and it’s her tennis that matters not her looks.I think she looks beautiful just the way she is.Everyone is unique and of course so is she!


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