A photo of Monica Seles when she was a girl


Young Monica Seles photoI came across this wonderful photo at one website about Monica Seles, and I am so happy to have found it. Monica looks so adorable! Her hairstyle, the look on her face, her little dress, the racket – she’s so cute! And I like the fact that the picture is black and white, really beautiful.

Interesting fact: Monica Seles won her first tournament at the age of nine, despite not fully understanding the scoring system of the game and having only a vague idea of whether she was leading or trailing her opponents during matches.

Reminder: The former world number one won fifty-three singles titles (nine of which come from Grand Slams), and six doubles titles.

What is Seles doing these days? Well, the latest thing I know is that she beat Martina Navratilova in an exhibition match in the second half of September, in New Orleans. Take a look at a video from the exhibition.

I’ve already featured young pictures of Ana Ivanovic and Kim Clijsters, and I have two more players in mind (surprise!). Do you have some childhood photos of a women’s tennis player to enrich my collection?



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