Video of pregnant Kim Clijsters playing an exhibition match in Luxembourg


Kim Clijsters played an exhibition match last month at the FORTIS Championships in Luxembourg. Pregnancy didn’t prevent the former world number one from playing her beloved tennis. Other participants at the exhibition included 1998 Wimbledon champion Jana Novotna, Roberto Blanco, and Dan Spogen.

Will Kim Clijsters follow the footsteps of Lindsay Davenport and make a comeback? I think she will, but I don’t think that will happen so shortly after giving birth as in Davenport’s case. Here’s what Clijsters herself said about this: “That is about the last thing on my mind. I’m not even half way through my pregnancy. I’ll enjoy that first. I do play a bit once and a while though, together with Caroline Maes.”


  1. True – unlike Lindsay, Clijsters spent her last several months talking about how much she was looking forward to retiring. Plus, like Diane said, Kim’s body took a huge beating, especially her thighs and wrist.


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