Ana Ivanovic gives two training tips and reveals her daily routine


I’m sure many of you are interested in the training methods Ana Ivanovic employs and what her regular day looks like. At a beautifully designed adidas Women website Ana gave us the answers to those questions. The Roland Garros finalist demonstrated two exercises she uses to improve her reflexes, and in an exclusive interview you can read some facts about her life and career of a tennis star (I’ve singled out just the part about her daily routine).

Exercise 1: Increases reaction speed + trains split vision

Ivanovic catches the balls and throws them back to her coach.

Exercise 2: Exercises focus + increases reaction speed

Ivanovic juggles the balls by bouncing them.

What does a typical day of Ana Ivanovic look like?

“I usually go for a jog or have fitness session before breakfast. Then after breakfast I play tennis for about one and a half hours, then I rest a little and eat something, maybe go for a walk, and then another tennis or conditional practice in the afternoon and then later in the afternoon and evening I like to relax, maybe go see a movie or have a massage or just relax in a room by reading,” said the 19-year-old Ivanovic.

BTW, at the website you can also find nice Ana Ivanovic wallpapers and a special training podcast.


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