The Ana Ivanovic website is getting even better

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Ana Ivanovic Deskbar

I have no words to describe how professional Ana Ivanovic’s official website is. In my opinion, it is a prototype of a perfect website. What amazes me most is that the site has always been absolutely fantastic, but every now and then it gets even better by introducing new features.

The latest thing they have launched is the Ana Ivanovic Deskbar, a client which sits on your Windows Taskbar, offering access to exclusive Ana-related multimedia. It also serves as a Google-powered search facility, and provides access to a range of useful websites.

What will you get from downloading the deskbar? You will get access to exclusive wallpapers of Ivanovic (new wallpaper each month), access to exclusive screensavers of Ivanovic, quick access to all pages of her website, and more.

In the picture you can see what the deskbar looks like when you download it. So, if you can’t live without Ana, it’s a perfect thing for you.


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