I’m back!


Woohoo, my website works again! 🙂 You may have noticed something strange going on with Women’s Tennis Blog in the past two days. Well, I experienced a problem with my hosting provider, to be precise, they lost, or deleted, all of my content from October 30th onwards! Yeah, that can happen! And I didn’t have a proper backup (the one I had didn’t work – also not my fault). Therefore, I had to find texts from my deleted posts and insert them and edit them manually one by one. This was not a pleasant experience, but I’ve consoled myself with a saying “it can always be worse”.

I know you’re not here to read about my boring problems, but I had to explain the situation. Anyway, I will continue posting from tomorrow. See ya.


  1. Glad to see that it is working again. I know how it feels:-) I was also having some issues with my blog’s “categories” after I upgraded my WordPress.


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