Retrospection of Maria Sharapova’s 2007 outfits


Maria Sharapova invests a lot of time in style, always working on being unique and creative. What Masha puts on herself must be fantastic, and Nike has helped her with that.

All of her dresses tell a story or are inspired by some particular thing. Her US Open day and night dresses depicted the New York skyline, while the Wimbledon dress was inspired by a swan.

I decided to make this retrospection because I like all of Sharapova’s outfits since they all greatly differ from one another in style, color, and amazing details. My personal favorite is the US Open red dress, mainly because of the color; but the latest dress, from Madrid, is also fascinating – nice combination of colors, extraordinary model, and unique retro style. On a women’s tennis forum, the outfit that got most votes was the one Sharapova wore at Roland Garros. Tell me, which one is your favorite?

WatsonAustralian Open outfit

Sony Ericsson Open outfitIstanbul Cup outfit

Roland Garros outfit DFS Classic outfit

Wimbledon outfit Acura Classic outfit

US Open day dressUS Open night dress

Fed Cup finalSony Ericsson Championships outfit

BTW, in case you’ve noticed that the Fed Cup outfit doesn’t completely belong here, well, I’ve added it in order to have even number of photos. 😉

(photos via Maria Sharapova’s website)


  1. I like Maria’s outfits, too! Most of them, anyway. It was hard to pick a favorite this year. Her 2006 U.S. Open dress was so fabulous, I thought I would be disappointed by her 2007 dress, but it was great, also. I liked the Acura Classic dress,too. But if I had to pick a favorite this year, I think it would be the Year-End Championships outfit. It was so tennis classic chic; it had a timeless quality to it.

  2. I love all of Maria’s outfits too shes so unique 😀 my favourites this year are US Open night dress, Sony Ericsson open, Australian Open and Roland Garros but my Favourite out of these is US Open night was tough to make the decision as I love them all

  3. My fav’s are the 2 us open dresses and the wimbledon and the acura classic ones. She looks stunning in the wimbedon one and i was lucky enough to watch her against venus there, sad that she lost 🙁 i love how classy the black n white acura classic one is aswel

  4. I liked them all some more than others

    the best two were us open night dress and roland garros especially wiv da leggins wimbledon was nice but not much you can do with white.

    the worst two were istanbul and end of year championships. Istanbul was just black and nothing special and madrid seemed odd coz it just looked at first to me like she pulled her skirt up too high.

    iim so jealous
    luvin the wimbledon & aussie open one!

  6. Masha has always had the best outfits on the WTA Tour. She is lucky that she is so tall and lean because clothes just fit nicely. I think she normally looks nice in pastel colors, but also has had some beautiful bold outfits as well.

    My favorite has to be the US Open 2006 night dress (the little black Audrey Hepburn dress). Also the 2007 US Open red dress with Swarovski crystal details on the neckline is gorgeous. I also really like the 2007 Roland Garros teal flowy dress, such a beautiful color and sleek material. Go Masha!

  7. I want to know where i can find some of the dresses Maria Sharapova wears in like the roland garros or wimbledon tournaments


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