Justine Henin’s two recent TV appearances: on RTL and BBC


The seven-time Grand Slam champ Justine Henin has been busy giving interviews recently. She let us take a glimpse into her personal and everyday life in a show on French Belgian RTL, as well as in an interview for BBC.
Justine Henin on RTLJustine Henin and TV presenter

The world No.1 made a unique television appearance on French Belgian RTL in a show called Justine une star, une femme (Justine a star, a woman). It was the first time Justine gave this kind of interview for Belgian television – among other things, she talked about her personal life in front of 150 people in the audience. Many short films and video comments were included in the show, such as those of Steffi Graf, Bjorn Borg, Yannick Noah, John McEnroe, Giorgio Armani and Celine Dion.

Justine Henin and Carlos RodriguezJustine Henin with microphone

Moreover, Henin was interviewed by Gabby Logan for BBC’s Inside Sport. Nice of Kiera123j who has uploaded it so fast to YouTube, so that more of us can watch it. In the interview the Belgian talks about her reconciliation with her family, her divorce, her passion for fashion, the respect she has for her long-time coach Carlos Rodriguez, the relationship among women’s tennis players, her Justine’s Winners’ Circle foundation , and other things.

I like the part when Justine mentions that Wimbledon is her No.1 priority, since it’s the only Grand Slam she has never won. The 25-year-old Belgian is aware that she shouldn’t pressure herself too much: “If I make it an obsession I will never win, that’s for sure”. That’s good attitude.

Enjoy the interview (it’s divided into two parts)!


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