Just intro: Review of adidas’ Women’s Edge Tank and Skort


Me in adidasWhen adidas contacted me to write a review of some of their latest products I was so happy to accept. Isn’t it an honor to have professional tennis clothes in your hands, weeks before they even hit the stores? Wohoo! Writing this blog is starting to pay off. And that’s not all, they were very kind and gave me the opportunity to choose a product I liked most! So, I went for the Women’s Edge Tank and Skort. It’s strange, I’m not crazy for clothes at all, but when I got the box with the outfit I was jumping in my room like a child.

Haha, I actually started writing a review of the outfit, but this introduction proved to be so long that I decided to make a separate post out of it. Anyway, the Edge collection will be in stores starting from January, and somewhere during the first week of 2008 I will publish the real review. 😉


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