Follow ASB Classic: watch matches live on the internet, read Yellowballin’, and listen to podcast


ASB ClassicThe 2008 ASB Classic is in progress, and we have three excellent things to help us follow this Tier IV tournament in Auckland, New Zealand – those are the ability to watch the tournament live on the internet (for free!), great reports of R.C. French who goes to the tournament every day, and daily ASB Classic’s podcasts.

You can watch a free 150kbps stream of the ASB Classic via PlanetStream; of course, the video quality may vary depending on your connection and computer hardware. A premium, high quality bandwidth stream is also available, at the cost of $14.95 for the entire tournament.

ASB ClassicThe other thing I want to mention is the blog called Yellowballin’. Its editor, tennis enthusiast R.C. French, lives in Auckland and visits the 2008 ASB Classic regularly. His reports are thorough, interesting, and I really recommend them.

And finally, there is the ASB Classic’s podcast. Kevin Sinnott and James McOnie, the ASB Wildcards, chat on various topics with the women participating in the tournament. So far, they’ve interviewed Camille Pin and Tamira Paszek. We’ve discovered Camille’s love of scuba diving, while Tamira tells us about her rusty hairclips, New Zealand’s coffee and Austrian cuisine.


  1. Hey Marija, thanks for the shoutout and the kind words. I haven’t listened to any of this year’s podcasts yet, but I will as soon as I get a chance. I remember last year they were very entertaining, with Daniela Hantuchova talking about all the food she ate at Christmas time and Jelena Jankovic chatting about her pet dog. It’s a great idea, and the players seem to enjoy it which is neat.

  2. You’re welcome, Rowan. I always like to recommend good things to my readers, and your reports are exactly that.


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