Australian Open in Second Life, compete and win $250,000 Linden dollars


The Australian Open website is not the only virtual place where you can get involved with the first Grand Slam of the year. If you can’t visit the Melbourne Park in real life, you can do it in Second Life, an Internet-based virtual world. Plus, there is a competition in this cyber world where you can even win some money, virtual money though.

You can test out your designing skills at IBM’s competition. The person who designs the best virtual tennis outfit will win $250,000 Linden dollars, virtual currency used in Second Life. Of course, you can’t use this money in the real world, but with it you can buy plenty of things in the universe of Second Life.

The winner of IBM’s competition will be announced on January 25. I’m looking forward to the results of the competition, I suppose there will be some inspiring, fresh, and futuristic designs. (source: Australian Open)


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