Every women’s tennis player wants to marry Radek Stepanek, funny picture


Radek Stepanek most wanted bachelor, funny picture

Hahaha, this is brilliant, I don’t know who came up with the idea to mock women’s fascination with generally-considered-ugly Radek Stepanek, but this picture is fantastic! Haha, Maria Sharapova fights with Nicole Vaidisova over Radek, while other tennis stars crave for his attention. Hihihi.

People are so confused by Stepanek’s success with women, and are still searching for the mystery thing that makes him attractive and irresistible to beautiful female tennis players.

For those of you who maybe don’t know, Radek Stepanek is besides his quite good tennis career, known for seducing two tennis beauties, Martina Hingis and Nicole Vaidisova.

Now retired Martina Hingis was his fiancée, and not long after they broke off their engagement rumors started that Stepanek was about to marry another tennis hottie, 18-year-old Nicole Vaidisova. Even though the stories about their wedding turned out not to be true, Vaidisova and Stepanek are dating and were seen enjoying each other’s company on several occasions. (photo via Tennis Planet)


  1. the picture is very funny, but the cartoon is obviously too much. as far as i know hingis and her attitude on and off court i strongly believe she is not guilty.

  2. oh my god! soooo funny but who is pulling on the other side of radek, with maria is on the other side, but who is the other one??? dont get it cuzz jankavic is in the back and vaidasova has blonde hair so why did those people say that? dont know ???

  3. I wouldn’t exactly call Martina H. a ‘tennis beauty’…which was another reason I thought the two of them made sense. Seems like she dodged a bullet – like Kim C did in not marrying Lleyton. lol IMO, Radek appears a bit insecure and needs to have women on his arm to feed his ego. Hardly a rarity.


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