Sony Ericsson’s Head of Marketing Dee Dutta to resign soon


Sony Ericsson has announced that Dee Dutta, Corporate Vice President and Head of Marketing, decided to leave the company on March 31st.

What does this have to do with women’s tennis? Dutta was the one responsible for the partnership of Sony Ericsson and Women’s Tennis Association Tour. That affiliation brought about the Sony Ericsson Open which is currently being played in Miami, Florida.

“I am very proud of the achievements that my team and I have made in growing the brand and look forward to the next challenge in my career” said Dutta, who served Sony Ericsson for six years. (via Black Tennis Pros)


  1. I think this is really set back for Sony Ericsson because one of their core marketing member is left the organization its a shock for every company when some one really dedicated and competent resource say good bye to his or her organization… but on the other hand its a part of business and also a part of life man is always searching for some thing attractive and more good wishes for dee dutta


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