Jelena Jankovic promotes Sony Ericsson Z750 in a purple dress made of 700 mobile phones


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World No.3 Jelena Jankovic put on the first ever dress made of mobile phones to promote the Sony Ericsson Z750 at the Sony Ericsson Open player party.

Whoever sees the dress, either absolutely loves it or is disgusted, there are no neutral opinions. I like the purple color, but my first reaction to the dress was: “Ewww, this dress would be perfect for circus or dance performances, JJ you chose the wrong occasion.” Now, that I know it was specifically made for the promotion of a mobile phone, I can live with it. Plus, the fact it was made by a professional dancer Kelly Kealy Mayton clarifies the dress design.

There is something good about the dress, though — Jelena is in love with it. I’m not surprised at all. That’s our good old JJ, the more glitter the better. Well, she’s not good friends with Bethanie Mattek for no reason.

Anyway, I’ll now let Jelena do the talking:

The dress had open back which pointed many cameras towards me, but I have to admit it felt great wearing something unique and priceless, and every girl in that moment would feel special especially when I add to the outfit the shoes which were remarkable. I felt as if I was in a fairytail, like Cinderella, haha. The shoes were decorated with Swarovski cristals and certain mobile phone parts.

If this is her dream dress, I can picture what the dream house she’s building in San Diego will look like. I can’t wait to see that!

Reminder: This was not the first time Jelena Jankovic promoted a mobile phone. In February in Doha she helped launch luxurious Sony Ericsson T650i Precious Gold phone.


  1. I agree, Micheal. She’s my favorite WTA player. I especially like her interviews, they are always full of gems.

  2. I didn’t know Jelena was friends with Bethanie Mattek! That’s awesome. They’d make a pretty weird team. Jelena is pretty and Bethanie is weird.

  3. Yeah, they are good friends, and sometimes doubles partners. Here are photos of Jelena and Bethanie shopping together in Miami.

  4. I’d rather see her promote books, tennis gear, or healthy food. That would suit her a lot better than this cheap stunt for Ericsson. Perhaps she’d get less money but she wouldn’t look as a tart.


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