Watch Jelena Jankovic behind the scenes in Rebook’s “Framed”


Jelena Jankovic, Brittany Snow in Reebok

“Hairspray” actress Brittany Snow directed a short film about tennis star Jelena Jankovic. It is a Reebok Entertainment-produced TV show titled “Framed”.

Jelena Jankovic, Brittany Snow in Reebok

Jelena talked to Brittany about her hardships, the times when she wanted to quit playing tennis. Of course, they also had some fun together. They went shopping (Jelena again mentioned how she likes swiping her cards, haha), Jelena gave Brittany a little tennis lesson, they went out with Brittany’s friends, the actress talked a bit to Jelena’s mother Snezana, and you can even see Jelena cry. Having watched this short film I didn’t learn much new things about Jelena, but if you have 30 minutes of spare time, why not have a look.

My favorite part is when JJ talks about her most embarrassing moment on the tennis court. And it was all Martina Navratilova’s fault. Hahaha, Martina you’re deceiving your young colleagues! 🙂 Hihi, maybe she just wanted to have some fun. Why not?

You can watch the full version of the movie, a shorter version, and two outtakes (one with a young fan, and the other one, my favorite, when Jelena talks about her biggest embarrassment – a striptease moment).

Additional info: There are some nice photos of Jelena Jankovic and Brittany Snow, too.


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