Tatiana Golovin dating soccer player Samir Nasri


Tatiana Golovin and soccer player Samir Nasri in a relationship

French tennis star Tatiana Golovin and famous soccer player Samir Nasri have been dating for a few weeks now. Tatiana is currently ranked 23rd, while her highest ranking was No.12. Her boyfriend is also a successful athlete and now plays as a midfielder in Olympique de Marseille. Samir is often referred to as the “new Zinedine Zidane”, mainly because of his upbringing in Marseille and his Algerian origins. More photos of the couple after the cut.

Tatiana Golovin dating soccer player Samir NasriTatiana Golovin and soccer player Samir Nasri dating

(via Tennis Forum)


  1. Soccer player?! If I were her, I’d be all over the Hockey players, like Dementieva.

    But- I want to add- myguest blogger Rowan has her at the top of his list, “tennis players I would rescue from a burning building”.

  2. That’s hot! Taken in Paris, I assume.
    But they shouldn’t follow them around taking pictures like that. It’s rude.

  3. ew, she’s well ugly to be with him…
    and isn’t she cheating on him though???
    with that Jaokim Noah dude? ;|

  4. samir is good luking but this pik prooves how little he cares for his religion. This pik seriously disgusts me!!!

  5. samir nasri….think of u religon…your religon didnt allow u to do that without being married first….

  6. That girl can`t cheating whit Samir Nasri :@
    She is ugly and if i have been Nasri girlfriend i will love, and not Cheating whit him like that girl do:@
    Mabe he has break up whit here;)
    We hope so, She deserv it;)

  7. well Tatiana and Samir has been unofficial married as live together in london i think… no more virginity! the guy next samir please keep out…

  8. lucky bastured.she is soooooooooooo cute and sooooooooooo sexy.they look soooooooo adorable together.and everyone whos talking about religion stuff non of your buisness

  9. shamless and very root.
    i’d say for Samir we love you but take care like this deals coz u r differ each other aside of the religion so plz respect ur religion.
    Since u can get ur suit in ur religion, plz don’t try like this and take care once again.
    Hopefully behavior change and thanks.

  10. Okay, so Nasri’s like 23 or 24? And his girlfriend looks waaaaay older than him. In my opinion, they don’t look cute together. Nasri should be with someone who looks around his age. Because it does look like that chick is his older sister or something. By the way, Nasri is an amazing soccer player. Especially when he plays with Arsenal! Go Gunners!

  11. nasri you have a sexy girl but your a muslim before you get married convert her to muslim then i’ll love you as a muslim brother nice moving from crab (arsenal-ass) to Man city i support united two manchester clubs

  12. @faram nasir: Why practically every Muslims in the world wants to convert anybody Non-Muslim? Get a life dude! If you marry an outsider she doesnt have to convert, let her decide, don’t force her! And Nasri isn’t even a practising Muslim you know. He kissed, lived together with Tatiana in London.

  13. what the hell are you guys talking about? Tatiana is younger than Nasri! Nasri born 1987, Tatiana 1988. And I think they do look gorgeous together, and count Nasri a bit lucky there to get white chick while Arabs families in France are usually very strict about who their children are dating, especially when dating Non-Muslims. But no need to talk about religions here, mind your own business! Let Nasri do what he wants!


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