Bethanie Mattek gives a sneak peek into her wardrobe


If you are familiar with at least some of Bethanie Mattek’s previous outfits, you are probably just as excited as me to take a look at her wardrobe at Roland Garros. Enjoy as the world No.106, famous for her sense of style, shows you her clothes.

Reminder: Mattek today exited the 2008 French Open, but she played three sets against top seed Maria Sharapova in their second round match.


  1. Dear Bethanie,

    Great match against the Williams sisters yesterday at Wimbledon. I was there, at No.2 Court. I have to say that I could not believe the lack of manners on TWO occasions, when the Williams’s, at the Umpire net introductions before the game, started to ‘windmill’ a tennis ‘smash’ motion into your face and Mirza’s. This was bad, bad manners, and intimidating.

    sorry you lost!

  2. Bethanie, I’m a big fan (one reason is we were born two days apart) and telling a new generation of players to keep an eye on your career! Stay tough! You did great at Wimbledon this month!

    Frank, President
    Liberty Lake Community Tennis Association,
    Liberty Lake, WA

  3. Finally a fellow Rochester girl gets her kudos! Outstanding and keep it going. We’re watching you play in the US Open Series right now – August 4th, 2008.


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