How Ana Ivanovic celebrated her French Open trophy


Ana Ivanovic celebrates French Open victory with her teamBefore the 2008 French Open, Ana Ivanovic’s coaching team, Scott Byrnes (strength and conditioning coach), Sven Groeneveld (tennis advisor) and Marcin Rozpedski (hitting partner), promised that they would do something outrageous if she took the title. Ana’s brother Milos wanted to join the trio and the four gave their word that if Ana won the French Open, they would run around the Arc de Triomphe while each wearing one of Ana’s Adidas dresses.

The 20-year-old Ivanovic won Roland Garros and the quartet didn’t disappoint — after a celebratory dinner they made a mockery of themselves in the early hours of Sunday morning and this picture is the proof. Hahaha.

I often think to myself how Ana is blessed for having such a wonderful team. (source: Ana Ivanovic’s official website)


  1. heheh…FUNNY!!! Ivanovic looked good throughout and has all potential to be the next big thing…

  2. Who is who in the picture…
    i mean who is her brother and who is her coach and so on…
    somebody could please tell me …

  3. Cynthia, I would say it’s like this (from left to right): Marcin Rozpedski, Ana’s brother, Ana, Sven Groeneveld, Scott Byrnes.

  4. Funny,

    I’m sure that they suprised her so much, she couldn’t even dream what they gonna do…

    Well done guys!

  5. Marcian thetas a great picture,it was great playing with you at saddlebrook.,remeber i am your hitting partner,lol,lol. Thankyou for playing with me,and my son patrick.

    Good luck at the tournament!

    Charles Wilson.


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