How Jelena Jankovic spent time on the Serbian mountain of Zlatibor


Jelena Jankovic on ZlatiborWorld No.3 Jelena Jankovic visited the mountain in western Serbia called Zlatibor in order to recharge her batteries, heal her injury and forget about tennis for some time.

In her latest blog entry the tennis star gives us insight into what she was doing on the mountain, and she accompanied the story with some illustrative photos.

JJ spent time with friendly local people, enjoyed good national food, and also met with her friend, famous filmmaker Emir Kusturica.

In the following text you can read the parts of Jankovic’s report I find most interesting.

There is nothing better than seeing sincere people who love me and respect me, kids that are running all around, and not to mention the quality of food and variety of domestic specialties. I feel like at home here. I can finally relax and that is hard to find all around the world when I travel. I walk and hike all the time, and I visit small villages and surroundings to see everything traditional from Serbia.

Jelena Jankovic on Zlatibor

I was really not aware of how much people appreciate everything I do and I got goose bumps every time I spoke with them.

Jelena Jankovic on Zlatibor

We took the car and headed to Sirogojno, a small village 40 minutes away. The local mayor welcomed us and we had this superb meal consisted out of 17 parts. It is called Zlatibor Train, and has a variety of starters, main courses, salads and desserts. I could not get up after that meal.

Jelena Jankovic on Zlatibor

Jelena Jankovic and Emir Kusturica

As some of you know, I am good friend with Emir Kusturica and he invited me to visit his ethno village called Mokra Gora. He is a brilliant man with whom I respect a lot and we have not seen each other for few months now. He makes there natural fruit juices and I tried all of them. He wanted to take a picture of me and put me on the bottle of the raspberry juice since that fruit is famous locally for its quality and the country is the number one exporter in the world.

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