FHM cover with Ana Ivanovic


Ana Ivanovic graces FHM cover

I mentioned Ana Ivanovic was going to grace the cover of FHM, and I also showed you one photo as a sneak preview. Now we know what the actual cover will look like when the latest issue of FHM goes on sale July 1.

Serbia’s sexiest sport export, as the magazine calls her, is included in a stunning 12-page feature. Besides beautiful pictures of the tennis star, the new issue of FHM will have an exclusive interview with the world No.1. (via Ana Ivanovic’s official website)


  1. Ivanovic keeps saying she doesn’t want to be judged by her looks, so why do these covers in the first place? She sure disappointed many people in her 1st Wimbledon match and how she lost against the Chinese player.

  2. But that Chinese player isn’t bad looking either and seems to know how to play. To be a star in female tennis you must shine off court too. Same in many sports. You need to excel in two fields and it helps to be gifted with playing skills and looks.


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