Venus Williams on the cover of Shape magazine’s August issue


Venus Williams on the cover of Shape magazine’s August issueRecently-recrowned Wimbledon queen Venus Williams appears in the August issue of Shape magazine where she reveals that her sister Serena is her biggest inspiration and also says that practice is the key to success.

Here’s what Venus said about Serena’s influence:

“Without her, I couldn’t have achieved anything. She’s helped me believe in myself.” Serena loves to give Venus little sayings to remember, such as, ‘If you take your opportunities, more opportunities will come.’ “That got me through one final at Wimbledon,” recalls Venus.

The five-time Wimbledon champion believes that practice is the pillar of confidence and says: “You have to practice to develop your talents and learn to enjoy putting the effort in.”


  1. It is really good to see Venus back on top where she belongs, mainly because that gives her the opportunity to grace us with her beauty and personality, shining thru and thru. Not to mention the countless interviews, magazine covers etc. and for that Venus, I want to say THANKYOU!


  2. I like both Venus and Serena. I wish Venus had the passion she once had earlier in her career. Serena has the the will more than any player i have seen. GOOD LUCK LAdies

  3. Serena is with a great person but if she was with me she would be with a real man in the real world. And more than that she would be with someone who wasn’t with Erykah Badu.


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