Splits reveal Jelena Jankovic’s health


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Jelena Jankovic gives us a tip: Read her body language and determine how healthy she is.

As long as I’m doing the splits, that means I’m healthy. When I’m not, you know there’s something wrong. I’m not too sure about my body. If I go into a split, who knows if I’ll come back up?”

JJ, I’m wishing you many more splits in your career, of course those from which you will be able to come back up!


  1. Women doing splits. A paradox. Splits connote sexual prowess, when in reality it’s not the flexibility or looseness that makes for sexual intensity, it’s musculature, tightness and control that produces sexual intensity. Splits are really about “presentation” of the body.

    JJ is hot. Jelena Jankovic is pretty and she has a body that is winning in sport and is winning in the definition of the sexy woman. Who is your ultimate sexy woman? Some big breasted Playboy model? The girl next door? Who?

    Jelena: a kind, intelligent, well educated, family-loving, passionate woman with a smoking hot body, inspiring smile who can reside in the top 10 of the most popular women’s sport for years and years….

    Jelena Jankovic is Serbia’s gift to the world. I wish this pretty woman all the best. She is a credit to her profession and she makes boners happen. Sincere boners. Boners that celebrate her femininity and the joy her body unlocks in us. Jelena Jankovic is remarkable.


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