Fiancé accompanies Venus, boyfriend Serena Williams for US Open practice


Venus accompanied by Hank Kuehne at US Open

I found one really cool set of photos of sisters Venus and Serena Williams practicing before their epic match at the US Open. The photos are chronologically ordered and each one is commented. In this post I’m showing you just some of them.

Serena Williams and Common at US Open

I find it especially nice that the tennis stars were both accompanied by their partners –  Venus by her fiancé, golfer Hank Kuehne, and Serena by her often-denied boyfriend, rapper Common.Fiancé accompanies Venus Williams for US Open practice

Venus accompanied by Hank Kuehne at US Open practice

Serena Williams and Common at US Open practice



  2. I’m especially happy to see Serena with such a handsom and good guy like Common. I hope that their relationship grows. Maybe even lead to marraige!

  3. Hi… I am so thrilled that these two young, beautiful AA women are fulfilling their dreams on the court. And better yet, they have some wonderful men in their lives. I can’t wish anything better for them in their lives than to just enjoy and be happy with your mates.

    I know you, Venus will make a beautiful bride, also you too, Serena!

  4. Here is the actual link to all the photos (they are not property of the women’s tennis forum).

    [link not valid any more]

    I took them myself, for my newspaper. Enjoy.

  5. Stephanie, thanks for pointing out that you are the primary source of the photos. I will change the link in the post and link to you. And of course, congrats for the great job and cool pics you took.

  6. i wish i cld marry venus,i love her so much that i just cant imagine my dream wil not b coming through,but anyway i hope any man that marry u wil apprciate and treat u well cos u are one of the most cherised person on earth.

  7. I am so happy for for Ladies and I think both Hank and Common are very lucky men! Take care of each other!

  8. You all are royality when it comes to tennis…I actually saw both of you play @ the US open….many years ago. And I got autograghs on my shirt, during your promotion many years ago in Detroit for McDonalds….One of the best moments was the hug from Venus in the Vip room of the pistons….I hold on to those memories! Maybe if the lord permits I will again witness yoooour greatness @ the open again…See you at the Waldof Astori

  9. I think that these 2 ladies epitomize what all young girls can aspire to. They are smart, beautiful and have shown their belief in a Creator when they have won different opens. I am happy for them both. I hope they continue along in life showing what desire, discipline and determination can lead to. A great reprenstation for young girls everywhere and anywhere. Truly two ladies and Women to emulate.

  10. am happy for these girls ,but i wish they would dress a little better.u have so much money ,get a stylis apart from that u girls deserves to be happy.long time i dont c uno fadda.

  11. am happy that both serena and venus williiams re exceedingly doing great leadind to the peak of their tennies carrier in life,a role model to other aspiring girls,nevertheless they should ve a second look regarding their dressing.the girls should count themselves lucky for having these guys as partners too.

  12. You both are to commended for your talents both on and off court. You are excellent role models leading by example. I want the two of you to be very happy in your personal lives. As humans we struggle with what-s right from religious as well as social perpectives. Please go with what-s in your hearts to make you happy. Our creator endowed all of us with what we would need to have peace and harmony in our lives. We complicate it with rules and teachings from another-s perpective. Go with what feels right in your hearts. You-ve worked hard to get where you are so don-t comprimise your values along the way. Peace

  13. I really happy for u both,both of u really make my day, im happy for ur parents and family,god bless all of u,but i dont like common for serena, but if he makes u happy, then i wish u the best.

  14. It is so great to see Venus and Serena happy. Let love bring passion on and off the court.

  15. I think the sisters should visit Nigeria for vacation, but shouldn’t come with their boyfriends ’cause we’ve got great guys here in Nigeria. They’re fantastic ladies. Cheers.

  16. Hooray for these two wonderful, talented, beautiful, generous, determined, sweet, champions! They are the epitome of what young ladies should strive and congradulations on the loves in their lives…Hopefully they bring nothing but joy, love, and support to their already successful lives…and if there is a hint otherwise ladies, DROP THEM LIKE HOTCAKES because they are EXTREMELY lucky, fortunate, and blessed to have women like YOU!!!!!

  17. Venus @ Serena, Enjoy life, both men seems very nice. For the two of you, you are so beautiful educated, talented and strong AA women. You have so much to be greatful for and don’t sweat the small stuff you are bigger than than. Congratulation Well Done.**********.

  18. hi serena, i had the same thing that you had. P.E. it was scarey, but god see me through. u will make it. just trust in god. and venus congrats. on your bf. u all are role models, and u all are doing great. see u all at wimbeldon. and i hope ui and serena will be in the finals. love u alll/ birdie. your number 1fan.

  19. The real event should take place just like Kim Clister. She already have a issue with her husband. It is not just enough to have a pet around you but give your best to him or her. We want to hear the wedding bell.

  20. je vous adore toutes les deux. j’ai grandi en vous regardant je voulai devenir tennis woman a l’epoque. je vous souhaite tout le bonheur du monde.
    s’il vous plait couvrez vous un peu, soyez plus pudique avec vos habits.
    good luck


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