More boyfriend rumors: Maria Sharapova dating Charlie Ebersol?


Maria Sharapova and Charlie Ebersol

I was reluctant to write about Maria Sharapova’s alleged new boyfriend, too much gossip for me to handle — I mean, not even a week has past since Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco hit the blogosphere. But then, what the hack, everyone is talking about it, so why wouldn’t I.

Anyway, the latest news is that Sharapova is dating some guy named Charlie Ebersol, the son of Dick Ebersol, an executive at NBC who helped launch Saturday Night Live. The most interesting detail known about Charlie so far is that he survived a plane crash in 2004.

Sharapova at the Bryan Brother

The pair joined Andre Agassi as guests at the Bryan Brother’s All-Star Tennis Smash charity event last weekend where Sharapova put herself up for auction and joked, “My boyfriend will outbid you.” However, one lucky guy won a date with the tennis star for just $10,000.

Time will tell whether Charlie is really Masha’s boyfriend.


  1. I think he really is her boyfriend! Oh well, she’s taken :'(
    But at least, the guy is good-looking, rich, and has a well-known background, so i think, i’ve got no problem with that (lol). Stay happy, Maria!

    Love ya…


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