Ana Ivanovic’s body considered the most beautiful by Die Bild newspaper


Sexy Ana Ivanovic

According to the readers of German newspaper Die Bild, Serbia’s Ana Ivanovic has the most beautiful body of any sportsperson – male or female.

The 20-year-old Ana scored 51% of all votes, beating fellow tennis player Maria Sharapova who took second place with significantly less votes, just 14% (if I understood this German article right – with my very limited knowledge of the language).


  1. you don’t understand?? so poor of you..

    can’t you read or something wrong with your eyes, or your brain??

    how much your IQ actually??

    besides, I’m not asking you, stupid. I’ve asked the writer.


  2. Jamila, it’s me the writer, my name is Marija. This article is true, that’s all I can say. According to that magazine, Ana has the most beautiful body among athletes.

  3. Haha…that’s such a joke…
    Ana Ivanovic? Most beautiful body? More beautiful than David Beckham or Ronaldo or Nastia Liukin!? Ew…she’s fat and ugly! I wonder what Die Bild was on when they wrote this…haha

  4. In my opinion, Jelena Jankovic has the best body in women’s tennis, but Ana is far from fat and ugly. Although, I agree, I don’t think Ana should be named as having the best body out of all athletes.

  5. Selena, you have no idea what you are talking about. She has an amazing body and if you looked at her now you would think again about your comments. She is thin and very pretty, and gets better with age, and marija, she just happens to be thought of the same in other magazines apart from Bild, so there you go.


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