Fancy little Jelena Jankovic, childhood photos


Here’s a wonderful addition to our collection of childhood pictures of women’s tennis players. Current world No.1 Jelena Jankovic will most certainly make your day when you see the following photos.

Jelena Jankovic childhood photo

Haha, this one is too cool. Jelena’s friend is masked as a telephone, while Jelena is adorned with flowers, many bracelets, a necklace, and not to mention the skirt and the top. That’s our good old JJ.

Well, I admit, I had such moments in my childhood as well, and they are also documented, haha. I suppose the majority of girls go through that phase of blue eyes, pink lipstick, and excessive jewelry. The only thing is that it looks to me Jelena hasn’t changed her sense of style too much. Hehe, don’t worry JJ, I like you for what you are.

Young Jelena Jankovic at swimming pool

Then there is this photo of cute little Jelena at a swimming pool.

Baby Jelena Jankovic

And a baby future tennis star.


  1. Whoa! I love JJ but I gotta say that the baby pic was a little bit…. All I’ll say is: It’s her EYES!!!

    But, the first one where she’s all dressed up is new to me, tho! Cute!


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