Little Ana Ivanovic modeling, who said the FHM cover was a surprise?


Little Ana Ivanovic posing

Ana Ivanovic is our most productive source of young photos, I think we’ve seen many phases of her childhood, but this latest addition is very special in a certain way.

Little Ana Ivanovic posing

I was very much surprised when I saw Ana’s sexy appearance in FHM, it simply wasn’t the way I pictured her. But now that I see this early modeling of the tennis star, the FHM cover looks like a natural choice.

Still, even though the world sees her as a sex symbol, for me Ana is still more this shy teenager with the braces and this super cute little girl.

Additional info: Check out Ana’s pictures from her tennis beginnings, as well as our rich collection of photos of other women’s tennis stars when they were kids. (photos via Tennis Planet)



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