More of Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco, I know you want more


Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco

Thanks to our reader Ivy we found out about even more photos of Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco together. Only an hour after showing you Ana and Fernando hugging at the airport in Mallorca, we’re learning about the existence of many more pictures. I was right when I said: “I expect a lot more to come.” Only minutes after, we’re getting a lot more.

Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco

The hottest tennis couple is not only shopping together, they are training together. Nice.

Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco

Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco kissing

Still, all this hype about Ana and Fernando got me thinking: what about Jelena Jankovic and her boyfriend? How come they are practically never photographed? And we still have no clear evidence of Maria Sharapova and Charlie Ebersol. Ana is stealing their spotlight big time! She’s not taking hands off her Fernando.

Ana Ivanovic and Fernando Verdasco

Ana Ivanovic training with Fernando Verdasco


  1. Maybe the reason why Jelena and her bf aren’t photographed together is because he’s not a tennis player and (let’s be honest) Ana is just a lot cuter.

  2. Yeah, Ana and Fernando are, besides their good looks, both tennis players, and that’s what makes their relationship more interesting to tennis fans.

  3. Yea, tennis players dating other tennis players makes for easier spotting since they’re in the same career/field/industry.

    I’ve always had my make-believe tennis couples, and that’s what tennis forums are there for 😉

  4. I also think JJ’s boyfriend is way hotter than Fernando, but that’s simply because Fernando is not my type, I can’t say he’s bad-looking.

  5. xixixixixix ^O^

    they’re so cute together..but I hope ana will back on her best form in 2009..

    i do not really enjoy watch tennis this rest season..without masha..and ana play tennis so bad..hhh..

    xixixixix ^O^
    but i hope 2009 season will be great


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