Serena Williams and Common broke up?


Serena Williams and Common broke up?

Serena Williams and rapper Common haven’t even confirmed their romantic relationship and there is already talk about its end.

According to the two are not dating anymore because they’re both extremely busy and their schedules don’t match up – so they decided to put things on hold.

Anyway, who would like to date a guy whose girlfriend can be hip-hop!

There is, however, one more addition to the story. Common’s decision to end things may have had a lot to do with his ex-girlfriend actress Kerry Washington. There are rumors that Common and Kerry are together again.


  1. don’t matter what, ur the best, better than the rest, ur gift of tennis is from god, and with him all things are possible,u can have whatever u want, for me the media dont count, u r number one all the time ,just remember life goes on,dont worry, be happy.


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