All Ana Ivanovic’s 2008 adidas dresses


Our reader Pat expressed wish to see Ana Ivanovic’s adidas designs featured as part of our retrospections of WTA players’ 2008 outfits, and we’re happy to make wishes of our dedicated readers come true.

Ana Ivanovic at JB GROUP Classic exhibition in Hong KongAna Ivanovic at 2008 Australian Open

In 2008 Ana Ivanovic wore the same dress at both the Australian Open and Roland Garros, in different colors though. That will be the case in 2009 too. Ana will wear the violet adilibria adidas dress at the first Grand Slam of the year, while the blue version of the same dress is reserved for the French open.

Ana Ivanovic Roland Garros 2008 adidas outfitAna Ivanovic

At Wimbledon 2008 Ana Ivanovic made an unexpected switch. She was supposed to wear the white dress during Wimbledon, but very soon into the tournament she abandoned it and switched to the other white adidas piece.

Ana Ivanovic Wimbledon 2008 outfitAna Ivanovic

At the 2009 Australian Open Ana Ivanovic will wear the same adidas dress she sported at the 2008 Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha. You can see more pictures of Ivanovic’s future tennis dresses here.

Ana IvanovicAna Ivanovic adidas dress for 2009 Australian Open

Looking at these pictures, I like all Ivanovic’s dresses, they are simple and nice. The  thing that annoyed many tennis fans, including me, was that Ivanovic sported the same outfits at too many tournaments, which was boring.

As always, I will pick my favorite, it’s definitely this latest violet dress. I didn’t like it at first, but when I saw it on Ana I realized it was a great choice. The second place would go to the Aussie Open and Roland Garros dresses. Which of Ana’s 2008 outfits do you like most?

Check out our previously featured retrospections of Maria Kirilenko’s Stella McCartney outfits, as well as Serena Williams’ and Maria Sharapova’s 2008 Nike pieces. Stay tuned, more players are to come!

UPDATE: We created a nice video retrospection of Ana Ivanovic’s adidas designs. Have a look!

(photos: Ana Ivanovic’s official website)


  1. The purple dress has a kind of assymettrical chic. But it reminds me of the uncomfortable across-chest strap on my racquet cover which always crushes my breasts.

  2. the purple dress for doha is the best. the color just fits her perfectly. and the red dress for roland garros is also pretty. thank you for the collection!!

  3. i think the petal dress would have been real nice. i can see her in it, it would like amazing when the petals would have come out when she was running or hitting a angle forehand/backhand. But i do like the Australian Open dress.

  4. yup i like the adilbria dress. i dont mind her wearing the same dress for 2 grandslams. i think its more of marketing ploy. if shes wearing them longer people go buy it cos its whats shes wearing. sharapova wears new dress /outfit neraly every tournament. as soon as you buy her outfit it will buy out of date in a month haha. I dont like the wimbledon dress bt do like the seperates

  5. hi thanks for the post marija………

    love ana’s outfits, but my most favorite was her season-ending attire….she looks amazing though, her gracefulness is shown by every inch she moves in the court, and the dress is just moving with her………i like it……..

    the aus open and french dresses are kind a way, a sporty-sexy outfit… them both…….

    her 2009 aus open should have a new look, it’s kind of recycled from 2008……..though she look good on it, yet i’m hoping she makes the last minute changes……thanks


  6. hi marija, i can’t believe it, i’ll be posting a comment again for the past 6 minutes….lol….

    what about venus’s dresses? i love her outfits, it’s just sexy…very feminine and classy………

    marija? can i ask a question? who do you think is the most fashionable tennis player out there? jankovic? sharapova? ivanovic? serena? venus? bethanie? kirilenko? or amelie?


  7. James, good point, I never thought about that.

    Pat, no worries, you can post as many comments as you wish. 🙂 I’ve been working on a retrospecion of Venus’ dresses. It will be live soon. As for the most fashionable tennis player, taking into consideration both on and off court style, I would definitely go with Sharapova. She’s the most classy, fashionable and confident WTA player out there. Who would you choose, Pat?

  8. thanks marija……..I really really love to see venus’s dresses…….

    i think maria too, i love her statuesque figure, any designer would love to dress her, she carries herself well, and her being a “part time model” really helps her choose the right outfits…

    thanks maria…what is thanks in serbian? good day in serbian? love to know language…


  9. Venus’ retrospection was almost finished a long time ago, but I had trouble determining which outfit she wore at which tournament because she switched back and forth.

    “Thanks” is “hvala” in Serbian. As for “good day” I’m not sure, depends on the situation. But here’s another one, “hi” we say “cao” which is pronounced just like Italian “ciao”.

    mabuhay!!! – is that like “cheers”?

  10. cao marija!!!! (gotta use serbian now)

    yeah, like in stuttgrart venus swithced from the black version of her wimbledon dress (of which she defeated dinara) to the green and white outfit she wore against jelena….

    thanks…hvala!!!! hvala marija!!!1

    mabuhay is literally “let and long live”!!!!

  11. well, she switches from dress to dress, as she likes, and then gives me a hard time. 😛 i hope the retrospection will turn out to be good.


  12. I don’t know why adidas insists on putting a pretty girl in these dumpy, shapeless sacks. Yes, the purple-plum dress is a gorgeous colour on her but it’s a design catastrophe, especially with that puckered assymetrical seaming under the bust. And the petal dress looks like the kind of thing that I would have designed – when I was six years old, and had just read Hans Christian Anderson’s “Thumbelina”.

    Her Wimbledon outfit was her best, and it’s nothing to write home about.

  13. Hahhaha, funny point on the petal dress. 🙂 I understand.

    You haven’t mentioned Ana’s AO and RG dresses. I think they look gorgeous on Ana. They are simple, but beautiful.

    As for this new purple dress, you have to get used to the asymmetry, I guess. I like how it looks on Ana.


  15. They are simple, but they are probably the best ones to wear everyday for training, I mean for a regular person to buy. We would like to see her in something more glamorous and unique at least for Grand Slams, though.


  17. I love her Roland Garros dress which will always be iconic. That cherry red bubble dress really is the best! I also love the blue version from Australian Open. Very sporty yet chic!


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