Justine Henin receives award at Sports Gala in Ostend


Justine Henin with Carlos Rodriguez

Former world number one Justine Henin was given a lifetime tennis achievement award on Sunday night in Ostend, Northern Belgium at the nation’s prestigious Sports Gala occasion.

Besides award, the Belgian tennis star received video messages from American tennis legend Pete Sampras and Justine’s male childhood tennis idol Stefan Edberg.

“I have no regrets. I can’t regret a life which gave me so much”, explained Henin, who unexpectedly retired in May. “I learned so many things about myself. It’s important to have the wisdom to stop at a time when it’s the moment to move on. I have only good memories.”

In the picture you can see Justine with two sons of her coach Carlos Rodriguez. They have always been beside the four-time Roland Garros champion.

Manuel Rodriguez, Carlos’ elder son, read a message to Justine to close the tribute:

“When you played tennis, I went to the restaurant with you many times. You laughed and were always amused. But now that you stopped your career we like that you do even more things with us. You watch me in my activities. You belong to our family, and you will always be very important to me. I always count on you.”

At Justine Henin’s official website there is a detailed description of the Sports Gala night. (photo: sudpresse)


  1. I know that this post is about Henin, but Maria Sharapova is on the cover of Women`s Health. I thought you would like to shows the pic.Thanks

  2. hi marija????????

    have you noticed? justine is glamorous……..very glamorous……….i like the lbd, she’s glamorous!!!!!!!!!!!!

    wait, marija, can i ask a question? if this offends you or justine’s fans please don’t answer, i just have this question out of curiosity: is justine and carlos an item? like, lovers? i find them a cute couple? i also find them very close to each other? i hope i will not offend anybody…………

    thanks marija, good post!!!!!!!!

    maligyang pasko!!!!!!

  3. Have you seen this Justine, Pat?

    That’s the best looking Justine I’ve seen so far.

    Justine and Carlos are not together. He has he’s family. He’s Justine’s long-time coach.

    Hehe, you’re adding new Filipino expressions! Translation please. 🙂

  4. oh, i’m sorry marija,

    “maligayang pasko” means “merry christmas”……

    merry christmas marija!!!!!!!

  5. Thank you for your nice wishes, but you’ll need to postpone “maligayang pasko” for January 7, because Serbs are orthodox and that’s when we celebrate Christmas (because the orthodox church uses Julian calendar). But even if you forget, I’m not religious anyway. 🙂

    However, maligayang pasko to you!


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