All Venus Williams’ 2008 EleVen outfits


Venus Williams graduated in fashion design from The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale and has her own EleVen clothing line which she herself wears on the tennis courts. Let’s see what our seven-time Grand Slam champion designed for the 2008 tennis season.

Venus Williams at JB Group ClassicVenus Williams at 2008 Australian Open

Venus Williams at 2008 Australian OpenVenus Williams at Bangalore Open

Here’s a short note: Venus Williams was switching back and forth with her outfits throughout the year and it gave me a hard time in compiling this retrospection. For example, at the US Open she wore the black dress she later sported at the Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha. However, I worked a lot to make this retrospection as precise as possible.

Venus Williams at Qatar Total OpenVenus Williams at the 2008 Sony Ericsson Open

Venus Williams at Internazionali BNL dVenus Williams at 2008 Roland Garros

At 2008 Roland Garros Venus sported two outfits, and the second one, without sleeves she also wore for the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour’s “Looking for a Hero” campaign.

Venus Williams Looking for a Hero Venus Williams at 2008 Wimbledon

Venus Williams World Team TennisVenus Williams at Beijing Olympics

My favorites are both Stuttgart dresses, because of intensive colors, and the US Open one. The Roland Garros outfits are also very authentic.

Venus Williams at 2008 US Open Venus Williams at Porsche Tennis Grand Prix

Which Venus’ design do you favor?

Venus Williams at Porsche Tennis Grand PrixVenus Williams at 2008 Sony Ericsson Championships in Doha

This year Venus Williams was so elegant on court that she even wore high heels! Well, for a magazine photo shoot. Venus and her sister Serena dressed up for the November issue of Harper’s Bazaar magazine. I featured those pictures just for fun, and because they are cool. 🙂

Venus Williams in HarperVenus Williams in Harper

You may want to check out our already featured overviews of Ana Ivanovic’s 2008 adidas outfits (available even in video form!), as well as those of Serena Williams, Maria Sharapova and Maria Kirilenko.

Stay tuned! More retrospections to come soon! (photos: Tennis Channel, James Rainsford, pigmediacraft, coockoo, travelpod, monmonch, usatoday, David Nunn, Arijit Basak, WTA Hotties, brtsergio, Black Tennis Pros, Porsche Tennis Grand Prix)


  1. haha, she’s next in line! 🙂 i’ve just finished Hantuchova. she should be live soon. so, i’ll start working on JJ as of tomorrow probably.

  2. i noticed they are all very much alike.
    but i like them.
    my favourite is roland garros.
    and australian open was very nice.

  3. I agree Jacob. The Roland Garros one is the most authentic. The first seven outfits shown in this post are somewhat similar to me.

  4. My favorite is the one in Stuggart! The green one! Yeah they look pretty much the same in the beginning but I like the one in Rome.

  5. The U.S. Open Day Dress (in white/lime) is my favorite. After that, the U.S. Open Night Dress. Everything else looked too plain (and not in a good way).

  6. The white US Open dress reminds me of Jelena Jankovic’s 2008 dresses, because of the belt, and possibly the color. Don’t you agree?

  7. hi marija!!!!!!!!!!

    i love the post, i kinda agree that some of vee’s dresses are somewhat alike!!!!!!

    i love her white wimbledon, just simple, simple and elegant…….

    it is a good contrast to her smooth chocolate skin with the eternal white dress, it’s like heavenly and just amazing, and it is also the dress of victory!!!!!!

    love it, i also like her black version, but love her white more!!!!!!!!!! it’s a classic!!!

    maayong pasko marija!!!!!!!!

  8. hi marija, i failed to mention, i also liked the pink ensemble in bangalore…love the color combination…………

    i like pink and the white combination, very feminine!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Pat, makes me happy that you like the post, because it was quite a hard work to construct it. 😛 I see, you prefer simplicity and elegance for Venus, but I was somewhat more impressed with brighter-colored dresses, with contrast. Although, the white Wimbledon dress is definitely nice.

  10. I love her Wimbledon dress the best and concur with Pat. It’s classic and was clearly made for her (It highlights her shoulders and her beautiful back). The USO night and day dresses are both nice and I like the fact that they are a real contrast.

    Next there are the more colourful outfits – the pink and black ensemble in Stuttgart is bold and cute, the Stuttgart green is fresh, and the Bangalore outfit is quite pretty.

    Also don’t mind her in the blue and green ensemble in the Hero campaign. The Olympics outfit is solid if unexciting. I agree that the others are somewhat ‘meh’. They’re just versions of the same design in different colours and look like ‘off-the-rack’ fare.


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