Retrospection of Daniela Hantuchova’s 2008 Nike tennis outfits


Here’s the overview of all Daniela Hantuchova’s 2008 Nike tennis outfits, at request of out reader Jacob, who also helped us in the making of this retrospection. Previously we featured Venus Williams, Ana Ivanovic, Maria Kirilenko, Maria Sharapova and Serena Williams.

Daniela Hantuchova at the Sydney InternationalDaniela Hantuchova at 2008 Australian Open

In terms of fashion, 2008 didn’t start well for Hantuchova. In Sydney she wore Nike Sharapova Australian Open Flora dress and got us totally confused. Plus, the dress didn’t really look good on the Slovak. In the end it turned out Maria Sharapova didn’t wear that same brown dress, but a white version of it.

Daniela Hantuchova at 2008 Australian Open Daniela Hantuchova at Open Gaz the France

Daniela Hantuchova at 2008 Indian WellsDaniela Hantuchova at Sony Ericsson Open

Luckily, the rest of the season didn’t progress in the same way. Many nice looks followed.

Daniela Hantuchova at Wimbledon 2008Daniela Hantuchova Carson

I find the black Nike piece Hantuchova wore in Miami the best of the year. The outfit for the Olympics is also cool, as well as the US Open one.

Daniela Hantuchova at Beijing OlympicsDaniela Hantuchova at 2008 US Open

Which one is your favorite?

Daniela Hantuchova at China Open 2008Daniela Hantuchova at Luxembourg

Stay tuned! Amelie Mauresmo and Jelena Jankovic will be featured too. (photos via, captainlinko, zelebs, safinhantuchova,, jean&nathalie, zimbio, daylife)


  1. hi marija!!!!!!!!


    good post, daniela is very very beautiful, though she may have had a lackluster season, she had good dresses to brag on…

    one thing common on her dresses, is that they are alike, all tank tops, which at her first glance boring,…. but they are not……somehow, they are, i just don’t know what to say, i don’t want to be mean marija, but her dresses are to me, boring……..

    her beijing dress is somewhat eye-catching, the colors are identical to serena’s dress, though in different combination, the special recognition award for daniela is the carson attire…….

    as i said i love simple pieces, love the white and red combination, though it’s a lttl bit boring, but it made the books, what is outstanding in this look, is the combination, compared to other dresses, this one suits the best combination……….

    i thought daniela doesn’t like outlandish pieces, she stresses more functionality rather than fashion….

    what do you think marija!!!!!!!!!!

    maayong pasko

  2. I agree. Her dresses are not spectacular, but are nice. They are not as glamorous as Sharapova’s, but on the other hand, they are practical, and something more people are likely to buy and wear every day.

    I wouldn’t mind wearing any of Hantuchova’s tanks and skorts, but somehow I prefer more eye-catching look for Grand Slams and top players. It’s more interesting to watch.

  3. Dear website administrator,

    Whilst these ‘retrospections’ are practical items to publish during the dormant tennis season; they have become too repetitive and thereby adopting too much necessary space of the blog lately! Fans might have enjoyed the first two or three, but seriously it wouldn’t be too difficult to shift modes and features such as, “Top outrageous, humourous quotes of 2008”, for e.g.


  4. Hi Zulu,

    Thank you for telling me your opinion.

    Many our readers enjoy these retrospections and they asked me to feature their favorite players, which I promised I would do. I understand they might have become too repetitive but in order to keep promise I will do two more: Jelena Jankovic and Amelie Mauresmo. I hope you won’t be annoyed.

    Still, I believe the overviews of outfits are not taking space from our other content, we are still publishing other news.

    I hope you understand.


  5. i really liked the australian open dress with the purple underneath it. the photographs dont really do it justice, but if you watch a video, the dress really becomes alive.

  6. hi marija….

    i was laughing about that post by zulu, he/she was annoyed by it………


    but it’s ok, it’s his/her opinion, hahahahha

    yeah, what about it marija? what about making a 2008 awards on your site, it would be good, nice suggestion zulu……..

    like, the best dresses, best quote, best winning moment, biggest upset award, most shocking moment……..hehehehhe, good zulu, but i know it will be taking a hard time from you marija…….who knows, you could come out with that post someday,

    good luck marija, maayong pasko, 3 days b4 christmas……

  7. White and purple are nice combination, I also liked Serena’s white and purple Australian Open outfit.

    Zulu made a very good suggestion, and what you Pat are proposing is also great, but I would need to leave it for next year. It’s too late now for such a series. This year we are doing retrospections, it is like some theme, and next year we can do many more things.

  8. i agree with pt frm philippines daniela’s 2008 outfits were extremely boring!!! i don’t want to be mean i’m just being honest sorry..

  9. Still, those simple outfits look good on her, much better than the Sharapova Australian Open Flora dress shown in the first picture.


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