What did Jelena Jankovic wear during 2008 tennis season?

The Roger Pro shoe

We’re featuring one more retrospection of WTA players’ yearly outfits, especially compiled for our readers Nacho, Kristine and Michael who wanted to see all the outfits Reebok-clad Jelena Jankovic sported during 2008.

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It’s interesting to have a look at what world No.1 Jankovic wore during 2008, as she’s known for loving fashion. Remember? Jelena hit the runway modeling a collection of one Serbian clothing line. She was even included in the designing of some items for the collection.

As you can see the very beginning of 2008 wasn’t really fashionable in Jelena’s case, but things got better as the year proceeded.

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These following dresses all look nice, but I find them too simple and similar. Jelena’s personality asks for something less ordinary and more glittery.

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Which style would you like Jelena to work in 2009?

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If you asked me, I would love Jelena to completely express herself through fashion, I’m sure it would be a show of its own.

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The Beijing Olympics dress is Jelena Jankovic’s first custom Reebok dress which she helped design.  It was quite criticized in the blogosphere, although Jelena said she received a lot of compliments for it. I didn’t have a problem with the Olympics dress, although I admit the design that followed was way better.

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My 2008 favorite is the US Open dress. The lemon yellow color makes the dress look fresh and gentle. It’s pleasing and relaxing to look at.

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To end this year’s theme for the off-season of reviewing what women’s tennis players wore on court during the year we will feature Amelie Mauresmo, a wish of our reader Claire.


  1. hi marija,

    like it, jelena could wear any kind of dress, whether shorts, or skirts….

    i like what she wore at the us open, though many would say that it looks like a nightgown, but what i like most about it is the color combination…..no one tried soft yellow and grey combination, but she made it very good looking………

    i also like the east west bank outfit, again what’s best for jelena is this color combination, she dresses on outfits that have wonderful combination, though the designs seem to be alike, i don’t know, but they seem alike to me you know…….

    i would love to see her outfits next year………

  2. 😀

    Been waiting for JJ’s turn for a while. Thanks for this, Marija!

    I really like the Fed Cup v. Croatia outfit, as well as the Rogers Cup dress. SEC would be my third favorite.

    Happy Holidays to all. Can’t wait for next year 🙂

  3. totally agree that the fav 1 is the US open dress…that was when i know jelena jankovic and since became her fan

  4. @pat frm philippines The designs were much more diversified and unique towards the end of the season, I suppose that trend will continue in 2009.

    I remember many people commented the US Open dress looked like it were for sleeping, but it doesn’t remind me of a nightgown. I like both the color and design.

    @Kristine I promised I will include JJ, and here she is. I hope this article was worth waiting for.

    The Rogers Cup dress emphasizes Jelena’s body, and she probably has the best body on the tour, and combined with red color looks very attractive.

  5. yeyyyaa finally the world nº1 dresses.. thank you thank you marija excellent job!!!! my favorite is the yellow one for the us open dress is quite delicated and i like how it looks on her!!!

  6. I love Jelena in red. Terrific color for her personality and energy. My favorite dress is the Rogers Cup (the same as the Porsche TGP – Stuttgart and the Kremlin Cup, Moscow). I would like to see her in red or violet in Australia.

    It is an interesting that Jelana is a fire by Feng Shui, so the warm colors are her colors.

  7. her aussie open dress plus ribbon on her head is absolutely horrible. i hate the olympic outfit, it’s so over the top. the color combination of her us open dress is good, but the dress itself.. i don’t think so.

    for me, nike makes the best dresses.

  8. I didn’t disappoint you nacho. So glad you like it.

    It seems the US Open dress has won most fans by now. Haha, I notice nobody favored the dress for the Olympics, yet. I see that second favorite is the Rogers Cup dress. Makes sense. She’s a hottie in red.

    Nico, I wouldn’t be so hard on that ribbon, but Jelena’s definitely better off without it. As I remember, she even stopped wearing it after several days.

    I don’t know, but even when I find Jelena’s on and off court outfits ugly, in a sense that I would never wear them, I find them nice on her, because in the worse case they put a smile on my face.

  9. yeahh you didn’t disappoint me at all.. i hope 2009 comes full of good things for the blog and for you and your work.

  10. yeahh you didn’t disappoint me at all.. i hope 2009 comes full of good things for the blog and for you and your work.

  11. ze medibank, australian open and the french open are my favourites. all the same, but they are really nice. even though she wasnt the only person to wear those outfits (amelie mauresmo.)

    Next year, i think possible that she will be wearing dress’es made for her!

    some more future outfits would be fantastic marija

  12. Oh, thank you, nacho, very much!

    Jacob, I too think that in 2009 Jelena will continue her customization of dresses. I’m all for that.

    I would also love some more future outfits but I have no news yet. I’ll have to digg out something.

  13. I see where Nico is coming from. Adjustments from both the player and the sponsor are obviously needed. Personally, I think Reebok’s dresses & outfits aren’t up to par w/Adidas and Nike. Rbk’s isn’t as good as Adidas& & Nike, but it isn’t as bad as, say, Fila or Yonex (OMG, Lena D.)

    I’m glad JJ is starting to have more say in what her outfits look like. It’s only fair, since she is #1. She works with what she has, and she definitely gets props for that.

    Thanks again for the retrospections, Marija!

  14. Thank you, Kristine.

    I find Fila’s style fine. It’s classic, but cool. But Yonex sucks, I agree. That denim outfit for Dementieva, they could have done without. Dementieva is pretty, but even her beauty couldn’t make that outfit look good.

  15. hi marija, i’m back…

    i forgot to say, good job with the post……..

    i want to comment on jj’s off court fashion, yes it’s true, sometimes jj can’t decide which dresses would best suit her, like what she wore in miami, how cold someone wear a collection of phones as a gown, i bet even cher would not wear that….

    and also her dress when she received the world no.1 trophy for the second time is weird, i guess i’m questioning jj’s fashion sense, hehehehehe, i’m not being hard on you jj, but though she had good fashion outside the courts (sometimes), but what was highlighted by jj’s fashion sense are the fashion misfits, hehehehhe

    i guess jj would definitely be looking good in 2009, marija, do you have jj’s dress for aussie 09? i hope she’d be clad in fiery red again, not to distract opponents, but to intimidate them and tell them that “i’m jj, i’m world no.1″….


  16. Welcome back pat frm philippines! Thank you!

    Haha, yeah, I was shocked when I saw her in that dress in Miami. In this post you can see my first reaction. After that post I received an email from the designer of the dress. Oops. 😛 The designer explained to me that she makes costumes, and “was originally hired by Sony through ‘ollywood creative’ to design a dress for a ‘dancing with the stars theme’ the ad was to feature Helio from dancing with the stars and Jelena.” Then, she was told Jelena would be wearing the dress on the red carpet, but she assumed they would be promoting it in a “costume” “art to wear” sort of a way.

    As for JJ’s fashion sense, I totally agree with you! She can often dress well, but her misfits are just too memorable.

    I’m still not sure what Jelena will wear for the Aussie Open. I saw some Rebook’s 2009 designs, but I’m not sure whether JJ will wear any of those.


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