All Amelie Mauresmo’s 2008 Reebok tennis outfits


Here’s the overview of Amelie Mauresmo’s 2008 Reebok outfits, the last retrospection of WTA players’ outfits this year. It’s especially dedicated to one of our first faithful readers, Claire, who really wanted to see her favorite player featured.

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As you can see, the Reebok-clad Mauresmo didn’t sport many different designs during 2008. All her outfits were simple, and often she wore the same dress, just in different color.

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My favorite is the US Open piece. I like the style and the color, but overall, I don’t find Mauresmo’s outfits as interesting as let’s say Maria Sharapova’s or Maria Kirilenko’s.

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Do you like Amelie Mauresmo’s tennis clothes? Which of the shown outfits do you think is the best one?

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I hope you enjoyed our this year’s series where we showed you what players were wearing on court in 2008.

This is the last post of 2008 here at Women’s Tennis Blog. I hope you have been enjoying our content this year, and I hope you will stay with us in 2009. Have fun tonight, or for those that are already in 2009 I hope you’re having a good time right now!


  1. i don’t have any favorite, but if i have to pick one i would pick the pink one she wore in australia. because, as you said, marija all the dresses were the same thing just in different colors!! boring im sorry!!

  2. Amelie Mauresmo is one of the strongest tennis player current active in WTA tour. However, I am really disappointed to see that she can not play well these days. In fact, the year 2008 was not a successful year for this former world no. 1. I hope that Amelie Mauresmo will come back with full swing in 2009.

  3. well, you said it all marija! it’s the same outfits in different colors………..

    i guess amelie doesn’t care much about tennis fashion, well she needs not think of it more, she will have to focus more on her tennis and her career; the post-er above me said it right, amelie’s 2008 is disastrous, i hope her new coach would catapult amelie back to the rankings and instill new courage and determination for amelie

    what i like is the wimby outfit…hahhahahaha………i like white and the blue accents, it’s like a rebel design for a tradition-laden tournament; she stands out among other players when she wears that one…………..

    i’ve noticed that her us open dress iis similar to jj’s wta champs outfit, yet she opted to forego the design in blue in moscow while jj made it red in the russian capital………….hahahahah, i guess reebok does not design individually for its top players as jj is the current no.1 and amelie is a former world no.1 ……………..

    i’d like what i’ve seen in her fed cup dress, i like the top, but isn’t the skirt inappropriate or unmatched to the top? care a little look? it doesn’t complement the subtle tone of the top

  4. @nacho that one from australia is for me more boring than for example the one i picked as my favorite. i don’t know, the color is too light, and the design is too simple, so the dress looks too unmemorable.

    @Biplob Kishore Deb i also hope amelie will have a good 2009, she deserves it. amelie has a new coach, and we know she’s preparing for the new season. hopefully the results will come.

    @pat frm philippines not every player can be a fashionista like maria sharapova, and not every player should be. mauresmo is definitely not the one preoccupied with her clothes. i agree, the wimby dress is cool. nothing special, but it looks nice. nice contrast of white and blue, and i like that nuance of blue.

    good observation, pat, that is the same dress. it looks good on both amelie and jj, if you asked me.

    as for the fed cup outfit, i think it’s good. that tank looks good from the back too. i think it matches with the skirt fine.

  5. what she is wearing currently on the brisbane international tour is beautiful, a red dress with a matching red scrunchie.

    speaking of that, i love how she always wears a scrunchie. it’s a cute little trademark.

  6. mauresmo’s new outfit is simple and nice, but i’m so not a fan of her scrunchies, they’re too demode from my viewpoint.


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