Jelena Jankovic matches a shirt with her red Porsche to wish us a happy new year


Jelena Jankovic posing next to her Porsche

Jelena Jankovic wishes her fans a happy and successful 2009 standing next to her shiny red Porsche Carrera 911. Jelena wouldn’t be Jelena if she hadn’t had a matching shirt. Of course, a Santa Clause hat is there too.

What is she trying to tell us? Like “I wish you a 2009 just like my 2008 was, look what I’ve got!” Hehe. Or, knowing Jelena, I believe she couldn’t wait to be photographed with the Santa Clause hat on, then she realized it matched perfectly with her nice car, and then she thought it would be cool to match a shirt too.

Happy 2009, JJ! I wish you a Grand Slam success!


  1. Hi jelena i am happy with your mother gething healthier too,it is going give you time work-up to your position. I wait to see you on your post agian.

  2. Hey Jelena!
    Christmas is the best time of the year, maybe after summer holiday.
    Regards and merry Christmas for this year as well 🙂


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