Jelena Jankovic wins the Most Hilarious Magazine Cover award


Jelena Jankovic on Puls magazine cover

I saw this awesome magazine cover a while ago, but never happened to feature it on my blog, until Forty Deuce reminded me of it today.

Haha, this is probably the most bizarre magazine cover ever, and who else would be featured on it than our dear Jelena Jankovic. JJ with a dove and a sword in her hands, and this fixed smile on her face. Hahaha. Oh, JJ I will never stop loving you!

Congratulations to Jelena and Puls magazine for making me laugh every time I see this. I’m wholeheartedly giving JJ the Most Hilarious Magazine Cover award. She has no competition in this category, if you asked me.

If you know any magazine cover with a tennis player that you think could beat this one in its bizarreness, please share it. I can’t wait.


  1. Oh yes, that one is also unbelievable! And of course, hahaha, Jelena Jankovic is on it. It only adds up to what I said: No one can beat Jelena in the competition for the most hilarious magazine cover. She’s No.1 at one more front!

    Happy New Year to you too!

  2. That cover made me lol too! And the slightly disturbing baby pic of her is there to, which added to my entertainment. I mean, yes, they’re trying to recreate some image of a statue holding a sword and bird, but w/JJ doing it, it seems over the top. It’s sooo JJ! I love it b/c it makes me laugh in a good way, and that’s a good thing. This girl’s the best!

  3. Yes, what makes this picture even more funny is that “it’s sooo JJ”! I’m sure, however, that this is not the last hilarious thing JJ will offer us. There are many more photo shoots, fashion shows and interviews to come – that’s the best part.

  4. It’s so hard for me to understand how people can adore Jelena Jankovic. She is so fake and insecure. She is always showing off too much and ready to put other players in dirth. I remember how she lost to Henin in 2006 US Open and blamed Justine for faking her injury. This was so pathetic to me, especially knowing their head-to-head and with the fact that she is the biggest drama queen of the tour now she looks even more pathetic.

  5. I don’t think Jelena is fake. Yes, she makes mistakes, and she’s not always fair, that’s true, but I accepted her the way she is, and I don’t think she is a bad person. I like her for her personality, she’s often funny unintentionally.

  6. Marija you are so right ! I don’t think she’s a perfect person and she sometimes isn’t very fair to the other players but she’s so entertaining and I always have to lol when she e.g. makes her split or laughes or I don’t know ^^ she’s sou funny and her caracter is as well as elena dementievas so I would say she’s the most nice person on the tour.

  7. Jelena has her weaknesses but you have to forgive her because she gives so much fun to the tennis world. She wouldn’t be so interesting, if she were perfect, that’s for sure.


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