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JahorinaHi dear readers,

I’ll be taking just a few days off, four I think, to recuperate in one mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I’m parting in minutes, literally. All your e-mails and comments will certainly be answered when I come back.

I hope you were enjoying my coverage of the 2009 Australian Open. I’m sorry I probably won’t be able to write about the singles final, but you can certainly discuss it in the comments. However, I’ll enjoy watching it in some idyllic cottage covered with snow. Yay!

See you in a few days!



  1. For all who missed the AO 09 Singles finals this is what happened: William’s performance today wasn’t shocking, nor sensational as numerous have claimed but rather should be redefined by one question: “What happened to Dinara?” So Williams was playing her normal grand slam quality tennis but on the same note, one has to wonder whether Dinara was possessed, failing to hold her serve, her serve, her willpower to liberate herself from that service game drought. At the end of the day, it is not remarkable how Serena won, just how on earth Dinara managed to extinguish that scorching fire of glory within herself- because we all know the best of Dinara would contest that of Serena’s. Dinara and her warrior willpower had reinvented and redefined this year’s Australian Open, the highlight and essence and let’s leave at that. Australia salutes you and your luminosity and we are certain it will eclipse over this match with the championship in 2010. We know the World NO.2 will be advancing towards a debut championship win in Garros, Wimbledon and US Open.

    Despite today’s loss, the dawn of Dinara dominance has just begun.

  2. Bosnia and Herzegovina have nice mountains. Mountains around Sarajevo are ok, but my favourite is Kupres 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your vacation.


  3. Thank you all for your wishes, it was a great vacation! I was enjoying the abundance of snow, and also a one-day visit to the capital of Sarajevo.

    I missed blogging, and interacting with my readers, but I also learned how many people appreciate my work, and that’s awesome.

    Zuleika, thank you for your in-depth analysis of the final. I watched the final, and I can say I had expected Serena to win, but Safina should have won more games, for sure. The final was too short.

    At the end of the day, Serena has that quality of a champion, and her game doesn’t disappoint in the most important moments.


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