Serena Williams chooses her match at Gatorade G2 Everyday Athlete Search


Serena Williams meets her match, Gatorade G2 Everyday Athlete Search

Serena Williams teamed up with Gatorade G2 at Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel to select who will appear alongside her in a new “Everyday Athletes” ad campaign for the Gatorade G2 low-calorie sports drink.

The G2 Everyday Athlete Search featured five semi-finalists – all named Serena – who traveled to the event from around the Unites States to discuss their personal stories of how sports and exercise have enhanced their lives.

Serena Williams, representatives from Shape Magazine and Gatorade G2 selected winner Serena Cuevas, 23, from San Diego, California based on Cuevas’ story of growing up with a passion to dance which was sidetracked by a car accident at the age of 17. She was told by the doctors she may never dance again. With determination and passion, Cuevas recovered and went on to compete in national and international salsa competitions, as well as establish her own dance company in San Diego.

Serena Cuevas will appear with Serena Williams in the ad campaign beginning this spring.


  1. Didn’t have a clue this was going on at the Roosevelt Hotel and I live a few blocks away from the hotel. I guess the invitation got lost in the mail 😀 . Very nice story of Ms. Serena Cuevas.

  2. Can’t wait to see the ad.

    Also, the blonde lady is Nancy O’Dell. She’s gonna be in the new season of Dancing w/the Stars.

  3. Carlos, what I pity. Serena told me she had sent you an email invitation, which was supposed to be a surprise. Read through your emails more carefully from now on. 🙂

    You’re right, Kristine. That’s Nancy O’Dell.

  4. Ms. Marija I talked to Venus, she told me that Serena sent the invitation, but she had my email address all wrong, apparently Serena sent it to your email instead. Please forward the invitation even though it’s too late 🙂

    Yes, that is Mrs. Nancy O’Dell, by the way she is a good looking woman. I want to see how she boogies on Dancing…

  5. No I’m not crying, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of invitations in the future. The next time I get an invite you will be the first person that I’ll ask to come along. Hey I’m still waiting for the forward email 🙂


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