Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic spotted training at Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy


It was a star-studded Tuesday at the Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Academy: Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic and Nicole Vaidisova were seen training there and Jola, the mother of a full time student at Nick’s, shot a video where you can see how the top tennis players are practicing.

Additional info: Check out this cute site, Jankovic’s and Sharapova’s cars next to each other.

Jelena Jankovic

BTW: Jelena Dokic has also been at the Academy these days, but she wasn’t caught on camera. However, Nick Bollettieri himself is regularly updating us on what Dokic has been doing.


  1. It’s great to see that Maria is practicing here. Hopefully this means that she will FINALLY make her comeback at Indian Wells.

  2. 😀 Great vid! it was even more interesting w/the commentary. lol at how Jola is starting to feel like a paparazzo!

  3. Bróna, all I can say is, I HOPE Maria will return as planed. But this injury has made a great impact on her career. I’m afraid we’ll see the consequences as soon as she starts competing.

    Kristine, I liked this video too, that’s why I shared it. Jola is a good paparazzo.

    Vladan, here’s happy birthday to JJ from me too. I wish her another 2008 season, and even one step better of course.

  4. I wish people would stop calling Nicole Vaidisove a star. My gosh, she is currently 69 in WTA rankings. If anything, she is a FALLING STAR, and soon she will disapear in the black hole, if she is not going get out of this slump!

  5. Thanks for uploading the video! Im personally very happy to see Nicole practicing! Lets hope she starts turning things around and gets some good results in the next part of the year!

  6. Her slide is lasting for too long now, but it’s not even close to over for her, she can rise again.

  7. I think Sharapova is pushing her return, I have a bad feeling if she plays at Indian Wells. Another injury to her shoulder would be lethal. She should wait until the clay season.

    Nicole’s down spiral began since she started her relationship with her boyfriend. She should dump the boyfriend and focus on tennis, because right now she looks more like a collapse star (black hole) than a fallen star.

  8. I would like pova to come back soon,she is a star along with Serena and Venus the rest are B-listers

  9. To fyuto:


  10. i just want to see maria back on court i really need an inspiration to actually wanna do better in the court!!! Maria and Serena are the Best they should share the number 1 rancking!!!! I can’t wait till maria gets back on court and wins the French!!!


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