Sneak peek at the new commercial for G2 with Serena Williams


Back in February we posted that Serena Williams will be featured in a new campaign for Gatorade G2, together with Serena Cuevas, the dancer chosen through the G2 Everyday Athlete Search based on her intriguing personal story and the role of sports in overcoming her personal challenges.

Now we can have a special sneak peek of the campaign for Gatorade’s low cal sports drink, featuring the two Serenas.


  1. Hehe is it? Since when? I don’t know, they sent me an email two days ago calling it a sneak peak. Maybe me being two days late is not giving it a sneak peak status any longer. 😛

  2. Well, I live in L.A. And I haven’t seen this commercial anywhere on television. I’m curious, did they aired this commercial during the Miami final? I watched the men’s final four and it wasn’t aired there either.

  3. What a completely disgusting commercial! It perpetuates racial stereotypes and denigrates both women in the process. Dodging bullets is not something unique to poor, urban communities or have we forgotten about the abhorrent gun violence that occurred at Columbine and other white, middle class communities in this country? Had this ad focused on the outstanding achievements of both women without stooping to this contemptible racial profiling, it could have been noteworthy. Gatorade needs to wake up. Both Serenas are accomplished in their fields and that alone is what we should celebrate. The road traveled to get to where they are was a personal journey and should not end up as a tactless commercial ad. I think I’ll have a V8!!


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