Daniela Hantuchova poses for Hello! magazine in Miami


Daniela Hantuchova poses for Hello Magazine in Miami

Daniela Hantuchova posed for Hello! magazine’s photographer Chris Bott during the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.

Daniela Hantuchova poses for Hello Magazine in Miami

Hantuchova modeled poolside at the Four Seasons Hotel and also gave an interview for the magazine. The Slovakian, currently 43rd in the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour rankings, discussed life on the road and living out of suitcase. (source: Daniela Hantuchova’s official website via WTA Hotties)


  1. People wonder why her tennis is falling off. This is a great way to prove that her tennis isn’t were it should be.

  2. I’m a big Hantuchova fan, but seriously, I don’t know what’s happened to her tennis in the last year. I think that loss against Ivanovic in the Aus Open last year really dented her confidence. I would love to see her doing well again, but her best years are probably behind her considering that she is nearly 26. It seems as though when you are at the top of the game your confidence just goes. Just look at Ivanovic, JJ and Nicole Vaidisova (I know she is a lot worse off than JJ and Ana though). Its a shame that players of this calibre go through these confidence crises just when you think that they would be playing their best tennis.

  3. I believe that Hantuchova’s game went south when she got injured last year. I do agree with you Ms. Brona (still can’t get the punctuation over the o)her better days have past her by. As for the photo shoot, I don’t have a problem with that after all I’m a man and I don’t mind seeing an athletic beautiful woman in a bikini. I’m sure for modeling reasons (this is Hantuchova’s second bikini photo shoot in many months) she had a nose job, as well as other top ten players.

  4. I have no problems regarding the photo shoots as this really seems to have become very common among most top players these days and I see it as normal. If you really want to know how to put the punctuation over the o Carlos, you hold down the alt gr button as you type the o! ó Very simple!

  5. Ms. Bróna there is no gr button in my computer. I guess keyboards are different depending on the world region that a person lives in. But I’ll copy and paste as Ms. Marija suggested, thanks for tip ladies.

  6. Back to the point i made. I agree with the point Bróna made about her being past her prime. I am a fan of Miss Hantuchova ever since i read an article on her in espn magazine almost ten years ago. Way before i even liked tennis. Bróna you make a very good point with Nicole. She needs to start focusing on her tennis more than her own social life. After all Nicole is only like 19, so she has many good years ahead of her or she is the next Kournikova. Carlos makes a fair point with the injury, but some players (JJ) get over injuries pretty quick. The point you make about women in bikini’s. Well lets think about that one for a minute.
    Of course a lad such as you and me like lasses in bikini’s.

  7. Whatever works best I suppose! I do agree with P!nky that if Nicole doesn’t start focusing on her tennis more she could turn out like Kournikova. Hopefully that won’t happen because it would be a shame if her talent was wasted and she didn’t fulfil her full potential.

  8. Hope to see you back and blazing the tennis circuit again……You’ve a fan here to support you 🙂 Go, go, go


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