It’s Prague time! Women’s Tennis Blog’s vacation



Dear readers,

Women’s Tennis Blog won’t be updated until Monday because I’m leaving for a little trip to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic.

I’ve already been there in 2007, but for two days only, and now I’m going to revise this beautiful city. Haha, maybe I’ll meet Vaidisova and Stepanek. 😉

Don’t worry, when I come back you will get the summary of all the most important things that will have happened in the tennis world.



  1. RiCH, thank you very much. I was kind of waiting for someone to wish me a great time in the comments (Haha. Well, no, I’m not kidding.), but the comments section was silent for a while. 😛

    Next time I’ll take you with me. 🙂

  2. Lucky you, Marija!! Miluju Praze!!

    Love your blog, and am so glad there is someone out there promoting women’s tennis!!

    Enjoy your break :))

  3. Marija, whenever I come here I always say that I am going to leave a comment, because if people take the time to give us information and I have taken the time to actually bookmark your page, then the least that I can do is post a comment. The only problem is that most of the time you do not give your views on the news of the day regarding women’s tennis, you basically report the news. This is not meant as a criticism as I do appreciate your blog, but let us have your views on some of the goings on in women’s tennis. There are hardly enough sites dedicated to women’s tennis, and I find that the more bloggers who put their views out there and promote discussions, the better it is for women’s tennis. Anywho, please have a nice vacation and stay safe. Take lots of pictures of historic places and post them.

  4. Have a nice trip Ms. Marija. Don’t forget to send us a post card from Prague. Keep your activities clean and fun, we don’t want to see you on “Girls Gone Wild In Prague” videos (okay, I would). 🙂

  5. Enjoy your trip Marija! Prague is a wonderful city. I also took a few days off and did a little trip to Berlin and a day out in WTA Barcelona. And I can’t wait for Fed Cup tie between Spain and Serbia, it’s played just one hour away from my city, so I will be there for sure!

  6. Enjoy your trip Marija!!
    even tough we’ll miss our daily infos;-))
    regards Gadidche from Djibouti(east Africa)

  7. Thank you all guys for wonderful wishes. I didn’t respond earlier because I had published this post minutes before leaving. Now I’m back home, and tomorrow I will resume blogging as usual.

    I had a wonderful time, hanging out in the beautiful city with lots of friends.

    Karolina, thanks a lot for praising my work. Hey, what exactly does “Miluju Praze” mean?

    Karen, I’m glad to see you leaving a comment. I understand what you’re saying about giving my views. You’re right, I do it quite rarely, but when there is a discussion in the comments, I always join. Anyway, I will have your suggestion in mind, I was thinking about it too. And about the photos, I’m not sure I will post them here on the blog, even more so because I will get them only in a few days (I need to collect them from my friends).

    Carlos, I don’t have any wild photos and videos, haha, at least not from this trip.

    Juan, great, I hope you had a wonderful time. I still haven’t visited Berlin, I would love to, and Barcelona, it’s wonderful.

    And once again, thank you all! See you tomorrow when I start blogging again.

  8. Hey Marija,

    ‘Miluju Praze’ is ‘Love Prague’ in Cesky…

    Glad to hear you had a nice time…

    Looks like there is a new star on the scene, with Sabine Lisicki’s big win on the weekend!


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