Early tennis photos of Dinara Safina, pics with brother Marat and mother


More family picture from the childhood of now top-ranked WTA player Dinara Safina have surfaced, and they’re always an absolute delight. So far we’ve seen a wonderful video of the three-year-old Safina playing tennis, and a couple of photos of the Safin family. Now we can see even more cute photos thanks to Tennis Info Blog.
Dinara Safina with brother Marat Safin

Isn’t it adorable? – Marat helping little Dinara with her homework. By the way, they’re the only brother-sister duo to have been No.1 in professional tennis.

Dinara Safina and brother Marat Safin in their childhood

And look how cute Dinara’s smile is while Marat is hugging her.

Dinara Safina with her motherDinara Safina as a toddler, playing winter tennis

And here’s Dinara with her mother, and Dinara as a toddler, playing winter tennis.

Dinara Safina and Maria Kirilenko as kids

In this last picture you can see Dinara Safina, as well as little Maria Kirilenko, whose childhood photos we have already featured on Women’s Tennis Blog.

I suggest you dig into our archive of other childhood photos of WTA players. Have fun!


  1. Kudos to Dinara for putting both Safins in the history books, and fingers crossed for her first Grand Slam title this year. (It’s Marat in the black and white baby pics, by the way) Thanks for posting!

  2. Darcey, are you sure that’s Marat in the black and white pics? Do you have proof? My source, Tennis Info Blog, says it’s Dinara. At first glance I also thought it was Marat, but the site said it was Dinara. Not sure…

  3. Either way, they’re at the pinnacle of my tennis universe and now officially the world’s best tennis siblings!

  4. Darcey, thanks for sharing the links, they’re great, there are some pics I haven’t seen so far.

    I think that there’s still no 100% proof, but I agree it’s more likely that’s Marat in the pic. I hope Marat or Dinara will read this and solve the mystery. 🙂

  5. i thought that was marat in the photo with their mom. i think i saw it on maratsafin.com before the website closed

  6. Wishing Dinara the best of luck for today’s final – DAVAI DINA!!! See you at Wimbledon in a couple of weeks!


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