Focus on Jelena Jankovic’s and Zheng Jie’s ANTA outfits at Roland Garros 2009


I can say I’m pleased with Chinese brand ANTA at the 2009 French Open. They have finally made a dress worthy of Jelena Jankovic, and Zheng Jie looks super cute in the lavender/purple outfit.

Jelena Jankovic

Jankovic’s French Open dress has much more details in design and print than her previous ANTA ones. Also, the color is lively. Plus, they made the shorts match the dress – I hated those white shorts underneath the orange dress.

Zheng Jie

Zheng Jie, who became the highest-ranked female Chinese player recently by reaching the No.15 spot (beating Li Na’s No.16 back in 2007), is wearing a blouse trimmed with pleats and a cloud-like print on the collar.

Zheng Jie

What do you think of the outfits? 

At the 2009 French Open, Jankovic faces Magdalena Rybarikova in the second round, while Zheng plays Michelle Larcher De Brito.

BTW: I have always wondered, did ANTA sign Jankovic because of her Asian looks?


  1. i havent really seen jelenas dress in action, but it looks pretty good.

    and serenas is nice. nothing speical, but very classy. not to keen on sharapova’s, it reminds me kind of like, 2002. my favourite so far is venus.

  2. zheng’s dress is chinese inspired…
    ive notice, jj’s dress is kinda silky and shimmering…

  3. Yeh I agree Marija, both lovely outfits for Jelena and Zheng

    Maria’s though… the concept is good, but not so sure about the finished product

  4. karolina i totally agree with you. even the material is gross! haha, sorry everyone

    venus looks fab!

  5. I like a lot of bright colors on Venus, Serena’s not daring, but it’s simple and nice, just like Ana’s, and the color matches clay very well. Maria’s, I wouldn’t express my opinion on that one yet, I’m still digesting it.

  6. Maria is losing right now despite dominating the first set 6-2. She played great today, I’m already happy. Too bad she’s losing, she could have won.

    I’m sad. ; (

  7. It’s 4-4 in the third. How pathetic it is, I’m watching live scores, as Eurosport is broadcasting cycling!

  8. “How pathetic it is, I’m watching live scores, as Eurosport is broadcasting cycling!”

    Same with me. I hate watching live scores. It’s far more rousing than watching tennis on TV, but sometimes it’s just too exciting. Like now.


  9. Words can’t describe how happy I am. Maria won the last set 8-6. Now I will have a great day tomorrow, having something to look forward to. 😉

    I don’t think it should have been this long. Maria dominated the first set, (if you watched the first set you would see she was definitely the No. 1 Maria) but then she gets nervous again. But she needs to play more matches, for more experience.

    I’m very happy. It’s nice to know that you’re following the live scores, thank you Marija. 😉

  10. Oh, and I’m happy to report that Maria has a cheering squad now. ;P

    Everyone remembers how she was booed last year against Safina. We all know the French hated Maria. But seeing Maria as the underdog this year, they were cheering for her like crazy today.

    It was great to see her smile in the end, melts my heart. ;D

  11. Vizz, in this case, it was interesting to watch even only the live scores. Haha, I wasn’t watching cycling!!

    Congrats to Maria. I think this is kind of a milestone of her comeback.

  12. I have to disagree…I think Jelena’s dress looks ridiculous. Hate the cut, hate the design on the back. The color looks really nice on her, though. And at least ANTA gives her new outfits, unlike Adidas, which is keeping top players in the same kits the whole season.

  13. this doesnt have much to do with anta, but does anyone think that nadia patrova’s oufit looks ALOT like marias 2008 roland garros outfit? only alot cheaper. haha


  14. Maybe a bit because of the color. Maria’s was more elegant, while Nadia’s is more sporty.


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