Bikini photos: Azarenka, Cibulkova, Bondarenko, Chakvetadze in French FHM


Victoria Azarenka in French FHM

Victoria Azarenka, Dominika Cibulkova, Alona Bondarenko and Anna Chakvetadze appear in this month’s French edition of FHM, an international monthly men’s lifestyle magazine.

Dominika Cibulkova in FHM

The French Open will soon reach its full swing, which is the best timing for the photos to come out. However, two of these four tennis players are already out of the tournament. Chakvetadze and Bondarenko went out in the first round. Actually, Cibulkova defeated Bondarenko in that match, and the Slovakian, just like Azarenka, is still in, awaiting her third-round match.

Alona Bondarenko in FHM

The FHM bikini photos of the ladies are accompanied by their interviews.

Anna Chakvetadze in FHM

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  1. What’s up with female tennis players posing in bikinis lately? Not that I mind. ;P

    Victoria Azarenka and Anna Chakvetadze definitely look super hot there. Especially Azarenka in those heels and pose! Dominika Cibulkova has a little tummy, D;. No comment on Alona Bondarenko.

    Also, since when did Anna get bangs? I never knew that. The only tennis player I’ve ever seen with bangs is Maria.

  2. Chakvetadze has had bangs for quite some time now. I can’t recall the exact moment she changed her hairstyle, but it was a while ago, and she even wrote about it on her blog. If you’re really interested, I can find that piece of information for you. 🙂

  3. Is this really necessary?? Much prefer shots of these girls during competition, when their intensity, competitiveness and resolve is etched in their faces. Conversely, these manufactured poses only promote the age old adage ‘sex sells’ to young women.

  4. That debate is constantly in the air, and people’s opinions differ. For me, I wouldn’t mind if they only played tennis, and had no modeling careers, but I also understand it’s part of the business nowadays, and I generally don’t mind it.

  5. Why do they have to cover them so badly in makeup? Anna is pretty but you could never tell from that picture because you can’t see her. Cibulkova has a lovely smile, why is she pulling that face? Alona looks ok, Vika’s is a little embarrasing. I don’t mind them doing things like this, but why can’t it be done more tastefully?

  6. Do any of these hotties have girlfriends?? Besides Ameilie Mauresmo and Martina Navratilova, one retired and the other soon to be, no one today seems willing to admit being lesbian anymore and I’m sure some of the hotties must have girlfriends, yet I never hear of any. Does anyone know any tennis lesbians I can root for to be a role model for young women who could use a role model and a boost to their self-esteem for being ‘different’?

  7. Good comments. I love that these female tennis players are not too jocky. That being said Mauresmo was one of my all time favorites. Goregeous photos. Don’t forget Jelena too!
    I believe these girls are both sexy and strong limbed, both pretty and physical. It’s refreshing to see, and time to realize it’s not a contradiction.

  8. I found this old post following the recent comments, and it has been immense my disappointment when I realized that these same photos were used in an article this November on Sport Week, that is an insert of “Gazzetta dello Sport” the most important sports newspaper in Italy… but in the end I should not amaze me, this is the rule in Italy!


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