Wimbledon drops “Miss” and “Mrs” from scoreboards after 132 years


Wimbledon is by far the most traditional tennis event, but some formalities have been changed in recent years and the latest one is that female players are no longer referred to as “Miss” or “Mrs” on scoreboards.

Instead of “Miss” or “Mrs” in front of players’ last names, Wimbledon is now, for the first time in 132 years, using players’ first names. However, the tradition hasn’t disappeared completely, since umpires are still referring to women players as “Miss” or “Mrs”.

The introduction of this change happened without fuss or fanfare.

“There is no official line on this,” says a spokeswoman for Wimbledon. “It’s something that we’ve just changed this year. It’s actually gone completely unnoticed, until now.”


  1. No, they don’t use “Mr” on the men’s (as I remember). They call the players by their last name only.

  2. “Ms” has never been used. Also they said that one of the reasons for the change could be to avoid confusion when sisters are playing each other, although the initials from their first names had been used.

  3. Elena had a match point and was two points away from the match countless times. Now she’s losing in the final set, an extended set. I’m absolutely.. don’t know what word will describe it. She was so close to winning, so close to her first Wimbledon final. 🙁

  4. I’m so sad. Elena, you wasted a final chance today. Sorry to say, but your level could not be compared.

  5. Oh, I found a word to describe my feeling; frustrated. 😛

    After Maria, Elena is my favorite player. But since Maria is out I’m rooting for her all the way. She also had match point in that quarterfinal against Safina at the French Open — and she could have won the French Open because she never loses against Ana Ivanovic. Now, Wimbledon, another match point, another bad day.

    They were showing around Wimbledon and people were talking about their favorite players. It seems these British people do not know these Russian girls at all. All they care about is Serena or Venus. Johnny McEnroe and those has-been American tennis players said that only 10% of their viewers know who Elena Dementieva is. Can we please get him fired? 😛

    Anyway, I’m watching the match against Venus Williams and Dinara Safina. And unlike the previous match, Dinara Safina cannot do anything to win a game.


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