Photo of Zheng Jie as a child, playing a tennis shot


Photo of Zheng Jie as a child, playing a tennis shot

A while ago I came across this super cute photo of Chinese tennis star Zheng Jie playing when she was a child. Hehe, I absolutely love her face in this picture, and her hair.

Zheng is now 26 years old and has so far won three WTA Tour titles: Estoril and Stockholm in 2006, and Hobart in 2005. Her best showing at a Grand Slam was last year at Wimbledon, when she was a surprise semifinalist.

Unfortunately, Zheng has today fallen from No.16 to No.24 in the rankings, having reached only the second round of Wimbledon 2009.

Things this blogs likes to feature are photos and videos of famous tennis players when they were kids. Many of you already know how rich our collection is, but for those who are new here, I suggest they check out our Kiddie Pics section.


  1. Hahaha. You’re modest, Teerin. 🙂

    So you admit Asians look alike? I thought that was just our inability to notice the differences easily. 😛

  2. Of course we look alike, I mean, the eyes, cuteness, the SAT scores (hahaha kidding :P). But you can’t deny our cuteness, I mean, we’re seriously seriously cute. 😛

  3. Always respected Zheng Jie since I watcher her fight hard (tennis) against Serena years ago. I think it was Wimbledon. And also for donating her Wimbledon prize money to the earthquake victims in China. I’m not sure she did these things in the same year.


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