Pilot Pen Tennis paparazzi: Which WTA player is this?


Alona Bondarenko in a tiny shorts, carrying a dog in a Louis Vuitton bag

I’m rushing to Madonna’s concert, so here’s one really light post for today. Tennis Served Fresh is in New Haven, for a day at the Pilot Pen Tennis presented by Schick, and guess whom they saw strolling in a tiny shorts, carrying a dog in a Louis Vuitton bag.

What’s your first guess? Which women’s tennis player could this be? Think hard and then click on the “read more” for the answer.

Alona Bondarenko in a tiny shorts, carrying a dog in a Louis Vuitton bag

Alona Bondarenko is that gutsy lady!


  1. HAHAHA! i thought it would have been maria sharapova. I was being all logical wondering who could have a dog in america.. logically i thought sharapova

    I wonder if Alona lives in the states. Hey have fun at Madonna! I saw Katy Perry last week 😛

  2. Jacob and Hcfoo, thank you! I’ll have fun for sure, it’s just that I’m working in the morning. 😛

  3. You’re seeing the Queen live, Marija, like seriously? So jealous. 😛

    Yeah, Jacob it could have been Maria it wasn’t “Pilot Pen” considering she’s not playing in New Haven and Dolce is a lot more adorable than that, he has fur. 😀

  4. When Alona played Bartoli in Toronto, Katya brought the dog courtside.. and she was very well-behaved the whole match! (the dog, not Alona)

  5. Now I know why I like her. It was a mystery before. 🙂

    note: sarcasm. But I really didn’t expect that it would be her.

  6. Craig! Hahah.

    Just to mention, the concert was fantastic. Madonna surpassed my expectations. And now I’m listening to Madonna at work. 🙂

  7. Glad you enjoyed the concert!

    I am such a Bondarenko fan. The sisters crack me up when they are together. And they are both quite charming off the court.

  8. Modonna is disgusting and horrible, how can anyone listen her music, and even worse see her concert! Yuck!!!!!

  9. Fyoto, it’s Alona, apparently.

    Jennykelly, I also didn’t feel like going to the concert, but my friend convinced me saying it would be a spectacle. Now I’m very happy I went to the concert because I liked it a lot.


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